SEQ’s $40 billion engine room calling for investors

Published 2:39pm 8 November 2021

SEQ’s $40 billion engine room calling for investors
Words by Kylie Knight

The Moreton Bay Region has taken a significant step towards doubling its economy and taking its place as Australia’s innovative engine room with the recent launch of its investment attraction campaign, Invest Moreton Bay.

Part of the Moreton Bay Economic Development Team’s award-winning strategy, the campaign targets investors in key priority industries seeking to harness the power of unrivalled growth and unlimited potential.

Moreton Bay Council Mayor Peter Flannery says the region is at a crossroads, offering investors an incredible opportunity to build a brighter future.

“Moreton Bay has been the engine room of traditional industries such as manufacturing for decades,” Mayor Flannery says.

“Our strategic location within 20 minutes of the Brisbane Airport and under half an hour to the Port of Brisbane and Brisbane’s CBD creates streamlined, cost efficient logistical pathways and has underpinned our economic success.

“As Australia’s third largest Council, we have the space, a talented workforce bolstered by the nation’s newest university campus and natural resources that other metropolitan business landscapes just cannot offer.

“But at this moment, Moreton Bay has hit the sweet spot in terms of momentum and potential. We are committed to more innovation, more space and more collaboration to help businesses think bigger, be bolder and build brighter.

“We are often underestimated. But now is the time for Moreton Bay to take its place. What we offer investors isn’t just compelling. It’s game-changing.”

Moreton Bay is home to more businesses with a $2 million or more turnover than in New South Wales’s northern beaches, Parramatta, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. It also attracts double the number of annual visitors than tourism hotspot Noosa.

The Invest Moreton Bay campaign will be a catalyst to achieving a 20-year vision to create a $40 billion economy that will generate 100,000 more local jobs.

The region will target advanced manufacturing; tourism, sport and major events; food and agribusiness and knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurial businesses seeking a base with unlimited potential and growth.

“Our vision is bigger. We will double our economy and grow our population to almost 700,000 people by 2041, more than the state of Tasmania,” Mayor Flannery says.

“Our vision is bolder. We will welcome 10,000 dynamic new businesses.

“Our vision is brighter. We will be one of Australia’s top 10 regional knowledge and innovation hubs.

“And every member of the Moreton Bay Regional Economic Development Team, at every level, is committed to removing obstacles, thinking outside the box and bringing investors with us.

“Whether you are a fund manager considering capital investment in infrastructure or property, a private corporation wishing to relocate to a growth ecosystem, an entrepreneur looking to establish a start-up, a business developer seeking to diversify or a business operator requiring purpose-built industrial precincts, you will find a brighter future in Moreton Bay.”

SEQ’s $40 billion engine room calling for investors

Now is the time to invest

The Mayor says the region’s cutting-edge education facilities and innovation hubs combined with multi-billion-dollar projects across technology, education, tourism, food and agribusiness, maritime, advanced manufacturing and transport sectors, make now the time to invest.

“A precinct like The Mill Priority Development Area in Petrie offers 460ha of potential on the doorstep of Brisbane. We offer more space and innovation to support digital technology investments, medical research facilities and advanced manufacturing operations,” he says.

“Plus, our upcoming Olympic Games hosting duties will mean investors that make a move now will benefit from an estimated $8.1 billion economic boost for the state of Queensland.

“Our average annual population growth rate of 2.7 percent is higher than the national rate, plus our coveted lifestyle soaked in sunshine means a greater ability to attract the finest talent, increase employee morale and productivity and boost retention. We have more people to power your business.”

The Moreton Bay Region is home to picturesque seaside towns and peaceful hinterland villages, a warm subtropical climate and median house prices of $510,000 – almost half the Australian average and up to $1 million lower than some capital cities.

The region’s world-renowned National Parks, playgrounds, cycling infrastructure, pristine waters and beaches, and elite sporting and community clubs combine for a lifestyle balance that positively impacts the bottom line.

Commercial, industrial and residential rents are lower than other metropolitan areas in Australia and the state’s taxes and charges are the lowest in the country.

“Not only does Moreton Bay offer operational cost savings, but we actively build a culture of innovation and collaboration that allows our entrepreneurs and business leaders to invest savings in a brighter future for their empires,” Mayor Flannery says.

“Moreton Bay is home to all the business and trade infrastructure you need, without the big-city price tag.”

Investors wanting more information can head to the website


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