Shaun's flying start to truck series

Posted: 7am 04 May 2021

Shaun Richardson is an “adrenalin junkie” – that’s why he loves racing “11 other maniacs” over jumps in a 1.3 tonne Stadium Truck.

The 53-year-old from Scarborough is one of only 12 drivers invited to join the 2021 Australian Stadium Truck Series.

Races are fast (speeds of 225-230km/h), furious (it is a contact sport) and the ‘mini trophy trucks’ fly (a distance of 200 feet was recorded at Perth) off ramps.

At this year's SuperSprint opening round in Tasmania last month, Shaun finished second, fourth and third in the three races.

“I’ve always been an adrenalin junkie, jumping out of planes, parachuting, I’ve always needed the next thing,” says Shaun, of Road Rage Industries at Kippa-Ring.

Shaun Richardson's airborne in the Australian Stadium Truck Series. Picture: Angryman Photography

“As a schoolkid I always wanted to be a stuntman. I’m very lucky I’ve done that with (TV shows such as) Top Gear and The Grand Tour. Now I’m doing this.

“It’s like 11 other maniacs that you’re racing against!

“I don’t get scared. I’ve done worse things. The only time I get nervous is the day before thinking ‘have I packed everything I need’?”

There is a growing demand for the Stadium Trucks at major race meetings, such as the V8s, as they “tick all the boxes for the younger generations”, says Shaun.

“It is competitive, but it is an entertainment sport. We’re trying to win a national championship.

“At drivers’ meetings we’re told we can give people little taps … but don’t hurt yourself.”

Shaun, who has raced NASCAR and IndyCar in the US, works hard in the gym to ensure he is “physically prepped” and “100 per cent ready” before each race.

“When we hit a ramp we need to have the vehicle settled,” said Shaun, “if it is loaded one side or the other it can be a world of pain.

“You want to land on the back wheels or front wheels. If you land on all four, it’s like someone kicking you up the back side. It hurts!”

The Stadium Trucks series has been going four years. Shaun had two races, at Perth and the Gold Coast, towards the end of the first season in 2018.

In 2019 he said racing authorities almost banned the series because of concerns over the height of jumps and fencing. Those issues were addressed and then COVID hit the 2020 series.

The trucks have a Chevy LS3 motor, Turbo 400 gearbox and 26 inches of travel on suspension. The 2021 series next goes to Darwin on June 19-20 then Townsville, Sydney, Perth, New Zealand and the Gold Coast.

US drivers may cross the Pacific to race later this year and in 2022 the series may involve six races in Australia and six in the US.

“I’ll be in on that,” said Shaun, who also has seven races this year in the Trans Am (TA2) muscle car series.

Shaun is looking for additional sponsors. For further information go to the Shaun Richardson international racing driver Facebook page or contact him at Road Rage Industries.

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Shaun (front) makes a safe landing in round one at Tasmania. Picture: Angryman Photography



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