Life-changing $60 million Powerball up for grabs

Published 12:30pm 6 January 2022

Life-changing $60 million Powerball up for grabs
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

How would you like to start the New Year off a little richer?

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is a whopping $60 million, with punters flocking to their local newsagencies in the hope of taking home the winning ticket.

The Lott Spokesman Matt Hart says one in six Australians are expected to buy tickets today.

“This week’s massive $60 million Powerball draw is one of the first big jackpots of 2022 and that’s why we expect up to one in six Aussies to have an entry into the draw,” he says.

“I am sure many Aussies are dreaming about what they’d do with the massive $60 million prize this early in the year.

“It would certainly change the rest of your plans for 2022 and for the rest of your life.”

Tonight’s Powerball will be drawn at 8.30pm, however you'll need to register and select your numbers before 7.30pm.

Life-changing $60 million Powerball up for grabs

Unclaimed prizes up for grabs

Matt says the oldest unclaimed prize is a ticket that was purchased in Morayfield, and it won $1 million in 2015.

He says that’s why it’s important for all lotto players keep their tickets in a safe place.

“While many will vie for their chance to win this $60 million Powerball prize, it’s important to remember that some Aussies have already won a Division One lottery prize, they just don’t know it yet,” Matt says.

“There are currently more than 20 unclaimed Division One and major lottery prizes across Australia worth almost $25 million.

“The bulk of these unclaimed lottery prizes are in New South Wales and in Queensland, but there’s also prizes in South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.

“If you’re cleaning up around the home this January, keep an eye out for unchecked lotto tickets. We have had previous winners come forward months, and even years after the draw to claim their lottery prizes.

“They found the ticket in all sorts of places, from the wallet to the fridge door and even some old shopping bags."

People in Queensland have seven years to claim their prize.

Register your entry

Matt says with this much money up for grabs, it's important to register your entry, so if you are the lucky winner, you can receive that life-changing call straight away.

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