Suttons Beach Pavilion investigation starts this month.

Published 1:18pm 1 June 2022

Suttons Beach Pavilion investigation starts this month.
Words by Jodie Powell

An independent investigation into the structural integrity of Suttons Beach Pavilion will start this month.

Moreton Bay Regional Council has awarded the $363,000 tender to Covey Associates.

Chief executive officer Greg Chemello told today’s Council meeting he had hoped to table the tender for approval by councillors, but it had already been approved by officers and the item would be withdrawn from the agenda.

“As I have advised councillors prior to the meeting, that contract has already been let by council officers under delegation,” Mr Chemello said,

“They have the authority to approve that under financial delegation.

“I was aiming to bring this to a general meeting for transparency so that councillors could debate the matter.”

Public apology

Mr Chemello apologised for the mix-up.

“Clearly communication internally with Council has fallen down and I have apologised privately and I will apologise publicly to Council and the Mayor and the Acting Mayor for that.

“But the contract has been approved by officers under delegation, therefore it would be inappropriate for me to seek your approval today for a contract that has already been let.”

The council officers’ report that was withdrawn from today’s meeting agenda said: “Whilst this report could be normally considered by the CEO for approval in accordance with the delegation Council-163, in the public interest it will instead be considered by Council”.

Comprehensive tender

Only one tender was received for the investigation project, which council officers said reflected “the current significant workload in the structural engineering consulting sector across southeast Queensland”.

“By industry standards, this is a relatively small contract with significant public profile,” the officers’ report said.

They said Covey Associates had submitted a comprehensive tender which demonstrated relevant experience, methodology, company capability, understanding of the project and capability to deliver the project.

Covey Associates is a multi-award winning engineering consulting firm with more than 30 years’ experience in engineering, land development, and regulatory approvals.

Their clients span the public and private sectors nationally and internationally.

What’s being investigated

The investigation is expected to take 26 weeks and will include detailed invasive and non-invasive testing of pavilions 1 and 2’s concrete slabs and structural elements, including the link slab.

The process will include carbonation depth, Schmidt hammer testing, compressive strength tests from cored samples, dust sampling, and small cores and breakout concrete to inspect the overall condition of the concrete.

The ground and first floor internal linings, cladding, fittings and fixtures of Pavilion 1 and upper floor internal linings, cladding, fittings and fixtures of Pavilion 2 will be removed to allow access to surfaces to identify the condition of the buildings.

At the end of the investigation, Covey Associates will provide a “comprehensive and unequivocal written report” outlining the condition of the buildings and associated structures, and evaluating the options for the Suttons Beach Pavilion’s future.

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