Top 10 breeds, names in Moreton Bay Region

Published 11:14am 20 January 2022

Top 10 breeds, names in Moreton Bay Region
Words by Kylie Knight

Forget baby names … what are residents of the Moreton Bay Region calling their dogs and cats?

We asked Moreton Bay Regional Council to search their registrations database for the top 10 popular names and breeds for canines and felines.

Here’s what their investigation revealed. Interestingly, one name topped the list for both dogs and cats!

Top 10 - Cats


1. Domestic Short Hair

2. Domestic Medium Hair

3. Ragdoll

4. Domestic Long Hair

5. Burmese

6. Russian Blue

7. Persian

8. Siamese

9. Tonkinese

10. Manx


1. Bella

2. Oscar

3. Missy

4. Molly

5. Charlie

6. Luna

7. Smokey

8. Shadow

9. Mia

10, Misty

Top 10 - Dogs


1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

2. Maltese

3. Labrador Retriever

4. Border Collie

5. Australian Cattle Dog

6. Australian Kelpie

7. German Shepherd Dog

8. Fox Terrier Smooth Coat

9. American Staffordshire Bull Terrier

10. Jack Russell Terrier


1. Bella

2. Charlie

3. Molly

4. Ruby

5. Buddy

6. Max

7. Lucy

8. Coco

9. Rosie

10. Roxy

Top 10 breeds, names in Moreton Bay Region

Pet registration is on the rise

“Pet registrations have steadily risen over the past two years as more and more people continue to move to Moreton Bay with their beloved animals, and a number of other factors,” Mayor Peter Flannery says.

“But one thing that’s for sure is that Moreton Bay residents have sought the comfort of their furry friends more than ever during the pandemic, and some have even added to their families in that time.

“I’m always pleased to see so many responsible owners looking after their furever friends, but I urge anyone who hasn’t to get online and make sure that you register your pet.”

Mayor Flannery said registrations were a key part of Council’s animal management program which contributes to the overall wellbeing of pets and the liveability of Moreton Bay through a range of initiatives such as: reuniting lost pets to their owners, the operation of the region’s animal management facility at Dakabin, education services, monitoring of dog off-leash areas and more.

“There are fines associated with not paying your registration too, so please don’t be the owner who gets caught out,” he says.

How pet registration fees are used

  • Cats and dogs, received into council care for the first time are released free-of-charge, when they are registered.
  • The operation of the region’s animal management facility at Dakabin.
  • Monitoring and response to animal-related issues, including the impounding of stray and lost animals (about 4000 dogs and cats were impounded in 2020).
  • About 8000 animal-related complaints were investigated and responded to in 2020
  • Animal management and responsible pet ownership education programs
  • Administration services including the production of facts sheets, education materials and animal registration maintenance and renewals
  • Supply and installation of signage to inform the community in regards where animals are allowed
  • Proactive dog patrols by ATV on all beaches and parks throughout the region

For more information about how to register your pet, visit Council’s website


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