Tumble down the rabbit hole into Wonderland this April

Published 9:00am 1 April 2023

Tumble down the rabbit hole into Wonderland this April
Words by Ashleigh Howarth
Photos supplied by Aieska Sta Cruz. 

Audiences will be transported into Wonderland this month with the cast of Mousetrap Theatre inviting the community to a tea party they won’t forget.

With lots of magic, music and mayhem on the menu, The Mad Hatter’s High Tea Party will be performed over three big shows on April 15 and 16.

Director Prue Robb told Moreton Daily she’s excited to bring some of her favourite characters to life.

“I love the characters from Alice in Wonderland and creating this show was a fantastic way to bring them to life in a fun and interactive event,” Prue said.

“The concept for this event came about in January during a discussion with my daughter, and it’s been a whirlwind since then.

“I hope it brings enjoyment to all those who venture down the rabbit hole with us.”

This isn’t the first show Prue has been involved in. Since joining Mousetrap Theatre in 2018 as a cast member of the annual pantomime, Prue has also been involved with the theatre in a variety of ways and directed for Mousetrap Theatre in the South East QLD Drama Festival Circuit.

Tumble down the rabbit hole into Wonderland this April

Fun for the whole family

Working alongside Prue on the show is Alicia Brite, who has taken on the role as Musical Director.

When asked what is her favourite part of the show, Alicia said there was one ballad that always moved her.

“Typically, I always gravitate towards the big energy up-tempo dance numbers, but there is this beautiful ballad that is sung by the full cast and they just sound so amazing.”

With a fun and crazy storyline full of madness, Alicia said audiences both young and old would be left amazed.

“Fantasy lands like Wonderland inspire our inner child to imagine and play,” Alicia said.

“It’s been fabulous to arrange a magical musical experience inspired by these wonderful characters.”

Having worked as a teacher for Mousetrap's youth theatre workshops, and been part of the production team for a number of youth musicals, Alicia said she loves “sharing her musical theatre knowledge and skills with others”.

‘A benefit of producing a self-devised bespoke cabaret is tailoring the show to showcase the performers,” Alicia said.

“We have 13 talented actors who excel at comedic improvisation, and beautiful vocalists to showcase.

“It’s been a great experience getting to know the cast members’ special skills and incorporating them into the show.”

Tumble down the rabbit hole into Wonderland this April

Don’t be late for these very important dates

Performances will be held at 2pm on Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16 at the Mousetrap Theatre Courtyard on Lamington Drive, Redcliffe.

These shows have already sold out, so a morning session has been added for 10am on the Saturday. 

Tickets are $30 and include a high tea and some fabulous entertainment from the mad characters of Wonderland.

To book, phone 0417 759 868.

For more information about Mousetrap Theatre, visit the website.


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