Turning bottles into cash for koala group

Published 5:00am 10 February 2022

Turning bottles into cash for koala group
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

The team from Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Inc have purchased new equipment after bottles collected from the Redcliffe Markets were converted to a cash donation.

The rescue group received a cheque for $1001.40 from the organisers of the Redcliffe Markets, who collected thousands of soft drink bottles and cans from marked blue wheely bins during the past year.

More than 10,000 bottles were collected and cashed in for 10 cents each as part of the State Government’s Containers for Change initiative.

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Vice President Mike Fowler was grateful for the cash boost.

“The equipment we use is very expensive, so when we receive generous donations like this, we are able to upgrade and purchase new equipment,” he said.

“The cages we use to transport the koalas in, once they have been rescued, can be up to $400 and every koala rescuer needs to have at least two cages.

“We receive no government funding, and some funding from the Moreton Bay Council, so we have to do a lot of fundraising ourselves.

“I am extremely grateful for this donation, and I would like to thank everyone who dropped off their cans and bottles throughout the year because it all added up.”

Redcliffe Markets Co-ordinator Natalea Noyes said they had worked closely with rescuers during the past year to help them raise money.

“The team from Moreton Bay Koala Rescue have joined us at the markets several times over the year as we provide them with a complimentary space so they can fundraise,” she said.

“They are very worthy recipients. It has been a pleasure to support them throughout the year.”

The donation was also made possible with the help from the team at Express Recycling Clontarf.

“Express Recycling come and collect the cans from us every week, they make sure the bins are ready to use, and they don’t recoup that cost of their proceeds,” Ms Noyes said.

“Both us and Express Recycling bear the cost, so 100 per cent of the money goes to the cause.”

Express Recycling Site Manager Michael Smith said he was proud to give back to the local community.

“Last year we donated money to the Breakfast Club at Redcliffe, so it’s important for us to pick a different charity each year,” he said.

“The partnership we have with the team from the Redcliffe Markets is very beneficial because not only does it makes more people recycle their cans and bottles and reduces landfill, but it also ensures no big businesses take the coins.”

Empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans are still being collected in dedicated blue bins at the markets each week, with money raised to go to a local cause.

What they do

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Inc. is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation involved in the direct rescue and care of injured, sick or orphaned koalas across the Moreton Bay Region, including Caboolture, Redcliffe and Pine Rivers.

If you see a koala that needs rescuing, phone them on 0401 080 333. You can phone 24 hours a day.

Visit www.moretonbaykoalarescue.org for more information. 


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