Who’s Who in 2022, Business: Craig Doyle

Published 11:45pm 2 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Business: Craig Doyle
Words by Moreton Daily

Creating a sense of community is at the heart of everything Craig Doyle does – be it working in the real estate agency he established at Dayboro in 1993, raising money for community organisations or serving on the committee of Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay.

2022 has been no different, with Craig continuing to support the Dayboro Cowboys as he has for a quarter of a century, and maintaining his involvement with the Dayboro Rodeo Association, which still remains one of Dayboro’s largest fundraising committees.

“I grew up here as a child and worked away and then I thought it would be nice for the upcoming generations to have the same sense of community, similar to what I had as a child growing up – they say it takes a village to raise a child,” Craig says.

“There are people who, growing up, can’t wait to leave and as soon as they get out into the real world they can’t wait to get back.

“People have to work hard to keep it as a community and I’m proud to contribute to that.”

Craig was invited to join Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay about two years ago and was impressed by what he learnt when he met with the organisation’s executive.

“I found out a bit more about what they did, and I thought it was such a great thing,” he recalls.

“They’re such a good lot of people – everyone’s keen to make a difference and give back to the community.

“It’s all about making the community better and that’s important to me.”

About Craig Doyle

A fifth-generation Dayboro resident, Craig spent time away from the area, but soon felt the desire to return, pulled by a unique sense of connection.

“I grew up in Dayboro when it was very much a rural area and there was a sense of community, and everybody knew one another.

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of other like-minded people and have broadened my horizons – we have a lot to do with Samford and Redcliffe as well now – I think that’s very important.”

He was among the organisers of the Night to Remember at Samford, with each event raising more than $30,000 for Riding for the Disabled.

Craig was a member of a pony club as a small child and recalls travelling to the region’s showgrounds, including Redcliffe, Woodford, Dayboro and Samford, to ride.

He says showgrounds have just as important a role to play in connecting the community today as they did then.

“Showgrounds are such an important part of the Moreton Bay area.

“The Dayboro Showgrounds are something very special, not only for Dayboro but from a bigger perspective for the Moreton Bay area.

Craig says he’s proud to lend a hand to many community groups in the region.

“I don’t hold an official position - I just like to help where I can.”

Establishing his real estate agency, which also has an office at Samford, seemed like a natural extension of the businesses he was involved with when he returned to Dayboro.

“I had other businesses when I worked away out of town and I loved Dayboro so much I built a place to run my other businesses from,” he says.

“I was getting phone calls from people wanting to move to Dayboro and find out about the area – I became somewhat of a go-to person.

“Then I created the opportunity where we started selling, with just one person, and friends in the real estate industry helped with their expertise, and that’s how it started.

“We do a lot in real estate, but the big thing is our community contribution, which is what I’m most proud of.

“We all spend a lot of time making sure the community and charities and the town get grants that become available.

“It’s one thing in my life that I am very proud of – that I have the best interests of my community at heart.”

Craig doesn’t do what he does for recognition, but says there’ve been some memorable moments when he’s been reminded about the impact of giving his time.

“It’s special when someone you don’t know very well comes up to you in the town and puts out their hand and says ‘we just want to thank you; we know what you do behind the scenes’.

“Comments like that have meant more to me than anything.”


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