Who’s Who in 2022, Business: Get Sweet

Published 4:30am 4 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Business: Get Sweet
Words by Moreton Daily

Two brothers from North Lakes have come up with a sweet way of earning some cash by starting their own chocolate and lolly business in 2022.

Liam, 13, and Owen, 11, operate Get Sweet – an online company where they sell premade boxes full of delicious treats for sweet tooths to enjoy.

Talking to Moreton Daily in their first ever media interview, Liam said the idea was based on what he and his mates liked to munch on.

“Everyone likes some treats, and me and my mates love chocolates and lollies, so I thought it would be a good idea to put them into boxes and sell them,” Liam said in October.

Each chocolate and lolly that goes into the boxes is carefully chosen and weighed to ensure every box is equal.

“With all of the boxes, they are around 400g each, so we try and keep them evenly weighted,” Owen explained.

“All of the boxes are afforded properly. We manage all the lollies and figure out how much they are each, and then add them up and evenly spread them out.”

A standard box of lollies is $25 and includes a mixture of classic chocolates and lollies such as Cadbury Milk Freddos, Milky Ways, Chupa Chups, Trolli Sour Snakes and Nerds, just to name a few.

The boys also made themed boxes for Halloween and Christmas, as well as lolly bags for birthday parties.

About Get Sweet

Get Sweet was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic by brothers Liam, 13, and Owen 11.

The pair, who live in North Lakes, make up chocolate and lolly boxes to sell as a way of earning some extra cash, as they are both too young to get casual jobs.

This year, the brothers grew their revenue, with more people from across the Moreton Bay Region ordering boxes for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

There were also orders coming in from people who wanted to treat themselves to some sweets for movie nights at home.

The brothers do all the work for the business, such as choosing what chocolates and lollies to include in the boxes, packing them before and after school, weighing them to ensure all boxes are the same, and selling them to customers.

They also came up with the idea to create pre-made lolly bags for parents to hand out at children’s birthday parties.

The boys run their own Facebook and Instagram pages where they show off the products they sell and take orders, with a little watchful eye from their mum and dad.

They have plans to expand their business in 2023 by starting a new website and looking at the possibility of posting the boxes to reach more customers.


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