Journey leads to Ausbuild award

Published 6:00am 15 July 2023

Journey leads to Ausbuild award
Words by Nick Crockford

An intensive 12-month journey paid off for Ausbuild at the 2023 Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards.

For the full list of winners click here.

The Warner-based company, with more than 150 employees, won the Dynamic Bradview Roofing Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence.

Ausbuild implemented a CSR framework “that embraces policies, practices and initiatives that have a positive impact in communities across Moreton Bay region”.

It’s a commitment as much as a responsibility, aligning company values of community, sustainability, ethical behaviour, and integrity.

“Very happy (to receive the award),” Ausbuild Joint Managing Director Matthew Bell said at the gala night in St Columban’s College, Caboolture.

“It’s an award that has given recognition to the business and the great work all the team do in this wonderful community.

“Moreton Bay is such a progressive council and a wonderful local authority for a developer and builder.

“They are always looking to innovate, open up new regions for housing and so collaborative.”

While new housing supply is essential, the way new developments are integrated with their neighbourhoods does not always draw support.

Ausbuild realised it needed to communicate and contribute differently and with meaningful impact.

The CSR framework balances the needs of the community, the environment and demand for residential housing in this region. It prioritises:

Meaningful and proactive engagement with community stakeholders; brings people together and celebrates diversity; identifying ways to make a positive impact; creates local jobs, new community infrastructure, training and education.


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