Backing local business easier with Moreton Money

Published 9:00am 20 June 2024

Backing local business easier with Moreton Money
Words by Moreton Daily

City of Moreton Bay, in partnership with local business groups, is calling for the community to support local businesses by choosing a Moreton Money card for their next gift.

With the recent introduction of digital gift cards, purchasing and using the cards has never been easier.

Mayor Peter Flannery says the cards can now be used like a normal EFTPOS card, making it easier for the community to spend their money how they want, and where they want.

“Moreton Money gift cards now directly download to the mobile digital wallet, meaning supporting

a local business is just a tap of the phone away,” he says.

Moreton Money is an initiative that encourages the community to make the active choice to support their local businesses and consider changing their spending habits.

“Small businesses, which are the backbone of the Moreton Bay economy, have been doing it tough in recent years with flood events, COVID-19 and skyrocketing costs across the board,” Mayor Flannery says.

“Instead of filling the pockets of huge corporations that are recording massive profits, I urge our community to think locally first.

“Purchasing a Moreton Money gift card makes a real difference to locals and the success of our small businesses.”

What is Moreton Money?

Moreton Money is a gift card made local.

With hundreds of registered businesses across Moreton Bay, a Moreton Money Gift Card is the perfect way to say thanks, to celebrate or just because.

It’s never been easier to support a local business.

Supporting local spending

Moreton Money provides a wide variety of options for recipients to use their gift card in businesses and stores spanning various industries and geographical areas across Moreton Bay.

There are hundreds of businesses already registered, and more coming online daily.

“Back a local business and our whole community benefits with every $100 spent locally generating around $180 of economic impact,” Mayor Flannery says.

Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce president Paula Burgess says the Moreton Money initiative is a great way to support local spending.

“When small business succeeds, we all succeed, as they are more likely to use local suppliers, hire locals and create local opportunities, meaning the money stays in our local community,” Paula says.

“Advocating for local spending provides an awareness of the diverse array of products and services

available within our region.

“This not only strengthens local business but also fosters a sense of community pride and connectivity, serving as a catalyst for word-of-mouth promotion encouraging people outside our region to come and spend here.”

Profound impact

Backing local business easier with Moreton Money

BPW Caboolture president Vicki Wood says Moreton Money plays a crucial role in bolstering the Moreton Bay economy.

“Local spending has a profound impact on the vitality and success of local businesses,” Vicki says.

“Not only does local spending generate revenue for local businesses, but it also helps to create jobs, support families, and sustain vibrant community.”

Greater Caboolture Chamber of Commerce President Carla Melbourne agrees, and says when local businesses do well our communities thrive.

“It’s a wonderful ecosystem of business and community,” she says.

“Supporting local businesses is something that we can all do to boost our local communities.

“When locals spend money locally the benefits are received by the entire community, such as more local jobs, more local services (and) more flow-on business to other businesses within the supply chain.”

Fueling the economic engine

The Hills & Districts Chamber of Commerce president Craig Shim believes Moreton Money is a game-changer for the community.

“Moreton Money is all about making it easy to shop local and support local businesses, whether you’re treating yourself or giving a thoughtful gift, Moreton Money helps keep our money circulating right here in Moreton Bay, which is fantastic for everyone,” Craig says.

“Local spending is like fuel for our community’s economic engine.

“When we choose to shop at a local business, we’re not just making purchases, we’re investing in our neighbourhoods, supporting local jobs and keeping our communities unique and thriving.”

Moreton Money now digital

It’s never been easier to show your support for a small local business than with the purchase of Moreton Money’s Gift Cards, which are now available online, and can be sent electronically.

The gift card connects to a mobile’s digital wallet and can be used with the tap of a phone, just like a normal EFTPOS card.

Visit Moreton Money to purchase online or browse hundreds of businesses ready to accept your gift card.

Moreton Money is part of Council’s Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS), a blueprint for a bigger, bolder, and brighter economy, which will ultimately create 100,000 new jobs in Moreton Bay through to 2041.

To buy a Moreton Money Gift Card or to view the directory of registered businesses, visit

Moreton Money is brought to you by your local Chambers of Commerce, Food & Agribusiness Network and BPW Caboolture, supported by City of Moreton Bay.

Buy yours today at


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