Big wet: roads closed across Moreton Bay

Published 5:50am 30 January 2024

Big wet: roads closed across Moreton Bay
Words by Moreton Daily
By Nadia Chapman

Moreton Bay City Council has opened four evacuation centres across the city for people affected by today's flooding. See the details here

There is a growing number of roads closed across the City of Moreton Bay as heavy rain lashes South East Queensland.

Among them is Young’s Crossing Rd at Joyner and Petrie.

A severe thunderstorm is continuing to affect parts of the city with 224mm recorded in 24 hours at Caboolture, with more than 150mm in surrounding areas. Upper Caboolture has seen an additional 64mm of rain between 9-10am. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued another severe weather warning as at 10am.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman says there have been eight rescues across the City of Moreton Bay since last night, including at Bray Park and Samford where people's homes were surrounded by rising floodwater and they needed to be evacuated.

The SES has so far received 97 calls for assistance across Queensland since 5pm yesterday, with 59 of those call outs for the City of Moreton Bay alone.

A flood watch remains in place.

Power is out in many suburbs including Bray Park, Bellmere, Upper Caboolture, Wamuran, Mount Nebo and Kurwongbah.

Impact on Caboolture Hospital

Due to localised flooding and heavy rainfall within Caboolture and surrounding areas, road closures are affecting access to Caboolture Hospital for staff and patients.

A Caboolture Hospital spokesperson says there is no risk to the safety of patients, but a code brown emergency response has been issued, meaning ambulances will be diverting some patients to alternate emergency departments. 

The Caboolture Hospital Emergency Department will remain open for existing and arriving patients, and the hospital will operate as usual.

The Caboolture Satellite Hospital will close at 3.30pm today due to staffing impacts, while Kilcoy Hospital continues to operate.

Places of refuge

Moreton Bay City Council has released a list of current places of refuge at libraries across the city.

To stay up to date with warnings, road closures and refuge lists, head to council's disaster dashboard.

Current track closures

Due to severe weather across the city, there have been multiple track closures, with trains terminating at Petrie station.

A Queensland Rail spokeswoman says there has been significant flooding across the tracks at Bray Park, resulting in track closures and rail bus replacements for stations between Strathpine and Petrie.

There has also been reports of a fallen tree on the overhead lines, affecting stations between Caboolture and Nambour, with a 30-minute delay for the Caboolture, Redcliffe and Sunshine Coast lines.

Update: Queensland Rail has confirmed that repairs have been completed at Bray Park, with train operations resuming as usual at 12.18pm. 

Road closures

TMR road closures as at 2.45pm.

SuburbStreetIncidentImpactAdviceLast Update
Bald Hills - Brisbane City / Moreton Bay RegionalGympie RoadFloodingLanes affected - Lane or lanes reducedChanged traffic conditions30/01/2024 2:38 pm
Burpengary - Moreton Bay RegionalBurpengary Service RoadFloodingClosures - Road closed to all trafficDiversions are in place30/01/2024 2:33 pm
Kallangur / Narangba - Brisbane City / Moreton Bay RegionalBruce HighwayCongestionNo blockageAllow extra travel time30/01/2024 2:16 pm
Caboolture - Moreton Bay RegionalBribie Island RoadFloodingClosures - Road closed to all trafficDo not drive in flood waters30/01/2024 2:16 pm
Elimbah - Moreton Bay RegionalBeerburrum RoadFloodingLanes affected - All lanes affectedDo not drive in flood waters30/01/2024 2:16 pm
Murrumba Downs - Moreton Bay RegionalBruce Highway On RampFloodingClosures - Road closed to all trafficDo not drive in flood waters30/01/2024 2:16 pm
Caboolture - Moreton Bay RegionalBeachmere RoadFloodingClosures - Road closed to all trafficDo not drive in flood waters30/01/2024 2:16 pm
Wamuran - Moreton Bay RegionalD'Aguilar HighwayFloodingLanes affected - All lanes affectedProceed with caution30/01/2024 2:16 pm
Wamuran - Moreton Bay RegionalD'aguilar HighwayFloodingLanes affected - All lanes affectedChanged traffic conditions30/01/2024 2:16 pm
Caboolture / Caboolture South - Moreton Bay RegionalMorayfield RoadFloodingClosures - Road closed to all trafficDo not drive in flood waters30/01/2024 2:16 pm
Beachmere - Moreton Bay RegionalBeachmere RoadRoadworksLanes affected - Lane or lanes reducedChanged traffic conditions29/01/2024 5:38 am
Beerburrum / Caboolture / Elimbah - Moreton Bay RegionalBribie Island Road / Bruce Highway / Bruce Highway On Ramp / Tiffany Court (Bruce Highway On Ramp)RoadworksLanes affected - All lanes affectedChanged traffic conditions29/01/2024 5:37 am

Moreton Bay City Council road closures

SuburbStreetIncidentImpactAdviceLast Update
MANGO HILLMaryvale RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 09:00:00
MORAYFIELDBuchanan RoadFloodednear Kirkcaldy StreetN/A30/01/2024 11:00:00
MOORINAMoorina RoadFloodednear F Lindsay RoadN/A30/01/2024 07:50:00
UPPER CABOOLTURETinney RoadFloodedat Caboolture River RoadN/A30/01/2024 14:00:00
WAMURANR Williams RoadFloodednear D'Aguilar HighwayN/A30/01/2024 13:24:00
NARANGBAMoorina RoadFloodedat Burpengary CreekN/A30/01/2024 13:45:00
MORAYFIELDUnderpass RoadFloodednear William Berry DriveN/A30/01/2024 14:10:00
DAYBOROGlover RoadFloodedat Juffs Road WestN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
CABOOLTUREStringfellow RoadFloodedat Bowls Club entrance to Centenary LakesN/A30/01/2024 14:40:00
WHITESIDEWhiteside RoadFloodedfrom 55 to 73N/A30/01/2024 11:00:00
NINGIBrowns RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 08:00:00
ROCKSBERGCaboolture River RoadFloodedat Cockies CrossingN/A30/01/2024 14:10:00
KURWONGBAHBrowns RoadFloodednear McCormack RoadN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
BRENDALELeitchs Road Pedestrian BridgeFloodedat South Pine RiverN/A30/01/2024 13:48:00
KURWONGBAHForbes RoadFloodedat Sideling CreekN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
ELIMBAHRose Creek RoadFloodedat Six Mile CreekN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
ROCKSBERGCaboolture River RoadFloodedat Ten Bob CrossingN/A30/01/2024 14:10:00
ROCKSBERGMcNamara RoadFloodedat Eliza CrossingN/A30/01/2024 14:15:00
CABOOLTUREOld Toorbul Point RoadFloodedat Zarbelles Chicken FarmN/A30/01/2024 21:40:00
DAYBORORailway StreetFloodedBehind Dayboro Town HallN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
NEURUMRasmussen RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 11:00:00
LACEYS CREEKLaceys Creek RoadFloodedat Worths CrossingN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
CABOOLTUREOld Toorbul Point RoadFloodednear Pumicestone RoadN/A30/01/2024 11:00:00
BURPENGARY EASTFountain RoadFloodedat Lewis RoadN/A30/01/2024 12:00:00
ELIMBAHKing RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 07:00:00
MORAYFIELDMcloughlin RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
CABOOLTUREDances RoadFloodedat King Johns CreekN/A30/01/2024 14:15:00
D'AGUILARBuckingham RoadFloodedat Monkeybong CreekN/A30/01/2024 12:10:00
CABOOLTUREEsme AvenueFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 14:00:00
ROCKSBERGCaboolture River RoadFloodedat Five Pound CrossingN/A30/01/2024 14:10:00
MOUNT DELANEYDewhurts RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 11:15:00
BURPENGARY EASTBassett RoadFloodednear number 84N/A30/01/2024 23:42:00
UPPER CABOOLTURELitherland RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 07:00:00
MOUNT PLEASANTMount Brisbane RoadFloodedat North Pine RiverN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
ROCKSBERGW James RoadFloodedat Upper CrossingN/A30/01/2024 13:30:00
WAMURAN BASINBasin RoadFloodedat R Sampson RoadN/A30/01/2024 13:21:00
CABOOLTURECentenary Lakes RoadFloodedMorayfield Entrance to Rugby League EntranceN/A30/01/2024 13:15:00
YUGARHansen RoadFloodedpast Jennifer CloseN/A30/01/2024 12:35:00
HIGHVALERyder RoadFloodedat Blue Gum CourtN/A30/01/2024 12:15:00
LACEYS CREEKBaker RoadFloodedat Laceys CreekN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
ROCKSBERGW James RoadFloodedat Lower CrossingN/A30/01/2024 14:15:00
ROCKSBERGW James RoadFloodedat Middle CrossingN/A30/01/2024 13:45:00
CABOOLTUREHume RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 11:00:00
LAWNTONBells Pocket RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 13:33:00
KURWONGBAHMoore RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
ROCKSBERGBest RoadFloodedat Keillors CrossingN/A30/01/2024 14:00:00
MORAYFIELDVisentin RoadFloodednear Underpass RoadN/A30/01/2024 14:13:00
MANGO HILLChermside RoadFloodedbetween John Street and Kinsellas Road WestN/A30/01/2024 09:45:00
DAYBOROFingerboard RoadFloodednear Lyndhurst RoadN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
ELIMBAHOld Gympie RoadFloodedat Six Mile CreekN/A30/01/2024 13:30:00
NARANGBABrowns Creek RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 11:00:00
MOODLUWhittington RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 06:45:00
LACEYS CREEKLaceys Creek RoadFloodednear Raynbird Creek RoadN/A30/01/2024 08:00:00
ROCKSBERGOld North RoadFloodedat Zillmans CrossingN/A30/01/2024 14:02:00
CEDAR CREEKGordons RoadFloodedat upper crossingN/A30/01/2024 09:00:00
DAYBOROLees Crossing RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
ELIMBAHMcConachy RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 14:00:00
ELIMBAHWilliams RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 07:56:00
KOBBLE CREEKKobble Creek RoadFloodedat Pringles RoadN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
KOBBLE CREEKPringles RoadFloodednear Kobble Creek RoadN/A30/01/2024 09:00:00
BURPENGARY EASTCoach Road EastFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 11:42:00
DECEPTION BAYBlue Pacific RoadFloodednear Little Burpengary CreekN/A30/01/2024 14:30:00
MOODLUWilliams RoadFloodednear Greening RoadN/A30/01/2024 11:40:00
ROCKSBERGMcNamara RoadFloodedat Browns CrossingN/A30/01/2024 14:10:00
STRATHPINEMott StreetFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 13:57:00
MOORINAMoorina RoadFloodednear Haywood RoadN/A30/01/2024 14:00:00
MOORINAMountain View RoadFloodedat Moorina RoadN/A30/01/2024 14:00:00
DAYBOROStrong RoadFloodedat Terrors CreekN/A30/01/2024 13:00:00
MOODLUWilliams RoadFloodedat Lagoon CreekN/A30/01/2024 06:19:00
STRATHPINEOld North CresentObstructionNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 13:05:00
STRATHPINEGympie RoadFloodedat Bald Hills FlatN/A30/01/2024 06:18:00
CABOOLTUREMorayfield RoadFloodedat Caboolture RiverN/A28/02/2022 13:20:00
MORAYFIELDMorayfield RoadFloodedat Sheepstation CreekN/A30/01/2024 12:00:00
PETRIEYoungs Crossing RoadFloodedat North Pine RiverN/A30/01/2024 13:20:00
WAMURANHoffman RoadFloodedNear Pates RoadN/A30/01/2024 08:42:00
CABOOLTUREToohey StreetFloodedNot AvailableN/A30/01/2024 11:37:00
CABOOLTUREShirley StreetFloodedCnr Hayes StreetN/A30/01/2024 09:30:00
CABOOLTUREOld Gympie RoadFloodednear 56 Old Gympie RoadN/A30/01/2024 10:46:00
SAMFORD VILLAGEMt Samson RoadFloodedat South Pine River (Percy Cash Bridge)N/A30/01/2024 10:45:00
FERNY HILLSSamford RoadFloodedat Kedron Brook (near Owarra Ave West)N/A30/01/2024 10:45:00


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