Caboolture BMX Club devastated after callous bike theft

Published 3:20pm 21 October 2022

Caboolture BMX Club devastated after callous bike theft
Words by Ashleigh Howarth
Above: A photo supplied by the Caboolture BMX Club that shows two of the missing bikes. 

Heartless thieves have broken into a locked storage shed at the Caboolture BMX Club and stolen multiple bicycles that help young kids learn how to ride.

Caboolture BMX Club Vice President Shaun Batty said he and the club have been left devastated following the alleged break and enter, with six loan bikes and two whipper snippers missing.

“We believe the items were stolen sometime on Monday night (October 17) between 7pm and either 3.30-3.45pm on Tuesday (October 18),” Shaun said.

“One of our coaches was at the club on Monday and finished up roughly around about 7pm, so it would have happened after they left.

“The coach has then returned on Tuesday around 4pm and found the broken lock.

“We built a new storage facility on the end of our existing storage facility after the floods, which is where the bikes and whipper snippers were.

“They (alleged offenders) had tried every lock on every door of our complex, and they were unable to get in, but they managed to get into this shed.”

The club does not currently have security cameras, but plan on installing some soon.

The bikes are described as two black DK’s (micro and pro), a red redline mini, a white redline junior, a blue expert (brand unknown), and a black and green DK mini wheeler.

“It will be really easy to identify these bikes because they are pretty unique racing bikes – not the same as street or park BMX bikes,” Shaun said.

“These were bikes that kids who can’t afford bikes use to learn how to ride.

“Currently, we only have a limited number of loan bikes, so if someone wanted to come on down with their kids and learn how to ride, unfortunately we can’t help them at the moment.

“It’s just really disappointing that someone would steal from kids.

“I know desperate people do desperate things, however, to steal from a community-based not-for-profit sports organisation, that’s unacceptable.”

Shaun, who has been at the club for five years, said this is the first time he has seen anything like this happen.

“In the five years I have been here, I haven’t heard of the club being broken into,” he said.

“I know in the past it happened, but it hasn’t happened in a very long time.”

In addition to the missing bikes, two whipper snippers that the club purchased following the floods earlier this year, were also allegedly taken.

Shaun is hoping those responsible will do the right thing and hand the goods back to the club or to the Caboolture Police Station.

“They can do whatever they feel is necessary – drop it back at the club when we aren't here or the local police station – no questions asked,” Shaun said.

“Sadly, I don’t think we will see them again.”

Locals offer a helping hand

A number of businesses and locals have already reached out to the club to donate bikes to help its members.

“We have had a bike shop in Noosa reach out to us and has offered to help with bikes, as well as a lighting business,” Shaun said.

“A few people have also offered us their secondhand bikes.”


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