Christmas dangers for pets

Posted: 2pm 15 Dec 2021

Family pets can often feel a little out of sorts during the festive season. Often there are disruptions to their ordinary routines, visitors coming and going, parties, households filled with loud humans laughing and talking, and celebrations with lots of tempting human food … the list goes on!

In addition to these things, each festive season comes with some other dangers for our pets that we need to be aware of. During the Christmas holidays, most homes have an abundance of presents, chocolates and rich foods that would not ordinarily be in so much supply.

When our pets see us eating these things, they will most likely want some as well. Don’t let their big sad eyes sway you though, because some of these things can be toxic or dangerous to dogs and cats. Chocolate, in particular, can cause sickness and toxicity in our pets, because their digestive systems just simply don’t work in the same way as ours.

Rich meats, gravy, meat bones and dairy are some other things to be wary of, and remember you will need to remind your guests as well to refrain from feeding your dog lots of human food scraps. They don’t have to miss out though. Keep some dog friendly foods or treats handy, so when it is time for them to join in the festivities with you they can have a festive treat too.

Consider creating a cool, quiet space for your pets to retreat to when you have guests in the house for a festive catchup. Pets can easily become stressed or anxious when changes are made to their daily routines, so making sure that they have easy access to a space away from the crowded rooms of people is a great way to make sure they feel comfortable and secure.

Christmas is a time to share with our loved ones, and that includes our favourite furry family members. Having you with them during those times is important but making sure they are protected from danger will ensure a happy holiday for everyone.

Wishing all the Moreton Bay animal loving community a Happy and Safe Christmas break.



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