Contemporary Australian Poetry – Meet Moreton Bay Region Poets

Posted: 5pm 28 Feb 2019

Moreton Bay Region is home to incredible contemporary Australian poetry writers. Take a look at 5 local talents, and discover poetry groups in Redcliffe and Pine Rivers.

#1 Famous Aussie Poetry Veteran – Wally (The Bear) Finch

Wally Finch is a quick-witted comedic force, and one of Australia’s most renowned bush poets, with many accolades to his name.

‘The Bear’ recounts parts of Australian outback history schools would never dare teach with comedic-zest and great enthusiasm – drawing his inspiration from Australian folklore, heritage and multiculturalist traits.

Hailing from Morayfield, this Australian bush poet extraordinaire is famous for taking home 48 awards early-on in his career and for winning 11 out of 12 poetry competitions!

#2 Contemporary Australian Poetry Great – Long John Best

Mango Hill local, Long John Best explored numerous writing forms before turning his talents to bush poetry in 2001. Though a late bloomer to the genre, he made a splash – enjoying a winning streak across the region prompting him to never look back.

John considers bush poetry the last bastion of political incorrectness, a style of poetry for and of ‘the people’.

John has recited his verses to eager ears of all ages, from local nursing home residents and services club function guests to crowds at huge events such as Woodford Folk Festival, Tamworth Country Music Festival, officials at government functions, and even US audiences.

Now retired, he taps into his myriad life experiences for poetic inspiration.

#3 Former Australian Democrats Member & Current Creative – Bev Floyd

Residing in Redcliffe with her 2 dogs Ben and Oscar, Bev Floyd is a well-travelled and learned member of the Moreton Bay Region contemporary Australian poetry population.

Joy is a Waterfall was Bev’s first published poetry book and coincidently contained her last collection of nature poetry.

Throughout her poetry, Bev weaves verses which explore and expand upon nature and life, addressing topics of belief, the natural world, childhood and many more related themes.

Her most recent pieces of work diversify into autobiographical, political and travel literature, putting to paper various parts of her life experience. As a foundation member of the Australian Democratic Party, her firsthand accounts of politics and society are a focus of several of these books.

#4 Japanese Poetry Master & Nature Photographer – Mary Mageau

Mary Mageau is a contemporary Australian poetry extraordinaire who lives in Samford, a small village in the Moreton Bay Region bordered by 4 rugged mountains.

Her place of residence is conducive to her work and her passion for nature photography. Through her poetry, she endeavours to explore the infinite avenues a person can use to engage with the natural world.

Mary gravitates towards Japanese poetic forms like haiku, tanka and haibun. Haiku and tanka are verse poems working on a 5-7 syllable metric, whereas haibun can be read more poetically like reciting a diary, or journal entry, or an essay.

She also writes short stories and historical novellas, as well as running her own nature blog alongside her nature photography travels to rural towns and cities across Australia.

#5 Academic, Spiritual Advisor & Poetry Multi-Talent – Anita Jetnikoff

Based in Ferny Hills, Anita Jetnikoff is a literature academic and spiritual guru who explores within her poetry a specifically feminine interpretation of life and love.

She feels the poetic form can articulate physical and spiritual worlds in a way other forms of creative writing cannot.

Anita is a passionate educator and lecturer of English Curriculum, Language and Literature studies at QUT.

Connect with Local Lovers of Poetry

Whether you want to share your own creative work with others, take up the challenge of reciting your own contemporary Australian poetry to an audience, or are just yearning to support home-grown poets – you’ll find an abundance of local poetry societies and clubs which are happy to welcome newcomers.

North Pine Bush Poets

The North Pine Bush Poets are dedicated to the preservation and continuation of bush poetry. The group meets on every first and third Sunday of the month at the North Pine Hotel in Old Petrie Town, Kurwongbah to perform their original verses.

All types of poetry lovers are welcome to attend, from people keen to simply listen to rhyme and metered bush poetry, to those eager to learn more about public recitals and poetry writing.

Redcliffe Peninsula Poets

The Redcliffe Councillor Centre plays host to Redcliffe Peninsula Poets on the first Tuesday of every month. The group are passionate and regular performers at public functions and retirement and aged care homes in the local community.

The friendly ensemble of creative minds gather to write and recite their own poetry, so if you’d like to join in the fun, feel free to enquire with them in regards to membership.

Redcliffe Performing Poets

Working out of Scarborough, the Redcliffe Performing Poets aim to elevate and promote poetry as a form of performance art within the local Redcliffe area and surrounding suburbs.

They host poetry workshops and forums to assist budding poets to develop and improve their craft, as well as offering poets opportunities to take part in numerous poetry competitions held within the region.



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