Life-changing tip on TV show

Published 12:00pm 9 October 2023

Life-changing tip on TV show
Words by Nick Crockford

Redcliffe's Dave Musgrave was nudging 170kg, had trouble putting socks on and using stairs. Exercise was the last thing on his mind, until he saw The Footy Show.

The real estate agent’s weight had started to pile on after a fall in 1998 left him an incomplete paraplegic due to a crush fracture of his T12 vertebrae.

Issues with his legs and restricted movement meant Dave, an ex-rugby player, was in and out of rehab for three years, during which his weight rose.

It reached a point where the father-of-five, knew something had to be done. But what?

The answer came in 2020 when he saw an interview with former Newcastle Knights player Adam MacDougall talking about The Man Shake – a weight-loss shake - on The Footy Show.

MacDougall's passion for the product was the motivation Dave needed.

He started swimming at Dolphins Fitness and Aquatic in Redcliffe and within 12 months he dropped 40kgs. It has not returned.

“I used to be in size 9XL shirts, but made my way down to 3XL,” he said. “When I was at my biggest my mental health really suffered.

“I was down on myself all the time because I struggled to walk 50m without losing my breath.

“I was always known as ‘big fat and happy guy’- or ‘Big Dave’ and was nicknamed Shrek which caused my weight to be a constant thought.”

Since losing weight Dave, now 58, has a new outlook on life, from what he wears to how he goes about his day.

"I used to struggle to put my socks on but now I swim 2.75km every morning at the Dolphin Leagues Club pool,” he said.

To date he is estimated to have swum the equivalent of Brisbane to Sydney, back again and is half-way down the return leg! He still swims 2.75kms a day at the Redcliffe pool.

Dave contributes his success not only to his motivation and dedication to lose weight but also to The Man Shake community.

“I found the community was extremely supportive, helpful and accepting of me when I first started out. Now in return I share my exercise regime and do my part to be an inspiration to others who are first starting out on their journey.”

Research by The Man Shake and The Lady Shake, shows 84 per cent of Australians are unhappy with their current weight.

More than half the nation (52 per cent) considers themselves overweight and around one-in-seven people admit to rarely or never being happy with their weight.


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