Designer Shares Secrets to Creating a Cosy Home this Winter

Posted: 8pm 07 Aug 2018

THINK cushions, throws, ottomans, rugs, texture and deep colours and you’ll be on the right track to creating a cosy vibe at your place this winter.

Interior designer Michelle Hopkins says while we don’t experience the winter chill for very long, making a few adjustments at home is well worth the effort.

“It’s really about creating a soft, gentle environment,” Michelle says.

She explains styling a room for a South East Queensland winter is different to creating a look that works in Sydney and Melbourne where dark, heavy tones are effective.

In our part of the world, dark, restful colours with grey hues are ideal for homes. And by incorporating some winter touches we can still maintain a coastal feel.

“If you get the basics right it doesn’t take a lot to throw in some wintry bits,” she says.

“These could be cushions, a throw rug and ottoman … just little tweaks that can transcend into spring, and in summer you can bring some brighter things out.”

While it sounds simple enough, there are some key areas where people get it wrong.

“Some have too much going on. You need to look at what your focal point is, and the balance and height. People often work on one level,” Michelle says. “If you’re looking to redo a room, measure up and put a floor plan together.”

Once you hit the store, you must have a strategy to stop yourself from falling in love with a given piece and buying it on a whim. It's important to have a good understanding of the look you're trying to build-take pictures and consider flooring and rugs.

“People often think of rugs at the end and get something they think will do the job. They should be the first consideration – how big, foot traffic, the colour and texture.”

When it comes to paint, Michelle says don’t be afraid to use deep, muted, greyed-out colours.

Michelle Hopkins Design

Phone: 0432 739 429

Products available from Ollie at Home, 71a Landsborough Ave, Scarborough


Measure your room and come up with a plan before you hit the shops

Colour: Subdued deep, restful colours, possibly a bit of grey, deep blue, emerald green and pink

Lighting: Keep lights subdued, use lamps with warm globes rather than cool, white light

Texture: Add cushions, throw rugs, oversized floor cushions, ottomans and floor rugs with natural fibres

Outside: Apply the same concept to outdoor living spaces, move sitting areas into the sun and keep out of the westerly wind



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Designer Shares Secrets to Creating a Cosy Home this Winter

Think cushions, throws, ottomans, rugs, texture and deep colours and you’ll be on the right track to creating a cosy vibe at your place this winter.…

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