Developing tomorrow’s leaders today

Published 6:00am 7 February 2024

Developing tomorrow’s leaders today
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

A number of outstanding students who excel both in and out of the classroom have been selected as Bray Park State High School’s leaders for 2024.

The positions range from School Captains to Junior Secondary Leaders, Sports Captains, Senior House Captains, Junior House Captains, Student Council, Committee Chairpersons, Co-curricular Music, Dance and Tech Crew Leaders, Prefects, and Peer Mentors.

Bray Park State High School Principal Peter Turner says the school’s unique leadership program has been designed to help build future leaders who will do “great things for their community.”

“I am really passionate about helping our students learn important life skills they will need for the future, which is why our leadership program extends from students in Year 7 right up to Year 12,” Peter says.

“The leadership program helps our students learn skills like communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, adaptability, critical thinking, and relationship building, which they will need after they graduate and start their careers.

“By helping our students put those skills into practice here at school, we are helping to build tomorrow’s future leaders today.”

Year 12 students Lydia Trevithick and Edward Churchill, who were elected as school captains, say they are proud to represent the school and bring their own unique attributes to the role.

“Throughout the years, I have always tried to be a leader and inspire my peers,” Lydia says.

“There is now a little more pressure being an official school leader, but I want to stay true to who I am and continue to encourage and support my peers the best way I can.

“I will be here to offer them support or encouragement whenever they need it.

“I am also really proud and excited to represent the school at school functions and community events.”

In his role, Edward says he is looking forward to creating more activities that will help enforce the school’s mobile phone ban.

“One of the main things I want to focus on this year is the school’s new mobile phone policy,” Edward says.

“Kids will no longer be able to use their phones and social media during their breaks, so I want to implement more clubs and activities to help them not think about being on their phones and get them talking and being social to the people around them.”

In addition to being named school captain, Edward was also the recipient of this year’s Harvard Book Prize.

The prize is awarded to outstanding students who display academic excellence combined with extracurricular achievement and strength of character.

Meet Bray Park’s Leaders for 2024

Congratulations to the following students, who will take on the following leadership roles:


Emma Charles, Edward Churchill, Elijah Nganeko, Lydia Trevithick


Laura Anderson, Thomas Loakes, Emma Silvers, Lachlan Tompkins


Isabella Cicino, Jordon Wilkinson


President of the Student Council - Karlie Gorbal

Vice President of Student Council - Ebony Tamke

Secretary of the Student Council - Charlotte Swindell

Treasurer of the Student Council - Katie Falzon


Joel Fischer

Goals for the year

This year’s Leaders all have goals they would like to accomplish this year.

This is what they had to say:

Jordon Wilkinson – Sports Captain

“It feels pretty good to be a Sports Captain this year.

“Sport is one thing I know a lot about, so I look forward to helping people who might be struggling with sport to exceed their own expectations.

“I am very competitive though and like to win!”

Lachlan Tompkins – Junior Secondary Leader

“In primary school I was the School Captain as well, so this is just another step in my leadership journey.

“As a leader I love helping people – it’s always been my main motivator.

“I hope to become the School Captain of Bray Park State High School when I am in Year 12.”

Joel Fischer – Co-curricular Music Captain

“One of the things I want to achieve in the Co-Curricular Music Program is providing a space for people in the ensembles to feel comfortable about making mistakes.

“Learning a musical instrument is difficult and the process really has no end – meaning you can never master it because there is always more to learn.

“I have been playing since I was six and I have hardly scratched the surface. I practice an hour-and-a half diligently six days a week and I make more mistakes than successes – some at home and some publicly.

“I want to normalise imperfection because one of the ways you are going to learn is by making mistakes.”

Karlie Gorbal – President of the Student Council

“I am really pumped to be President of the Student Council this year – I can’t wait to get in and get stuff done.

“Over the holidays I created a long list of all the different things I want to do and achieve.

“I want to incorporate all the different Chairpersons from the different committees, and bring in the Cultural Committee, which is currently separate, so we can engage further with the students.

“Through those committees I am able to collaborate with the students and be actively involved in creating a welcoming environment in the school.

“Currently I am working with Ebony who is my new Vice President.

“I used to be the Vice President last year, so moving into this position was exciting for me.”


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