Did you know these doggy fun facts?

Posted: 5am 24 Apr 2022

We all know dogs are cuddly, loyal and great to have around but did you know these doggy fun facts? Our expert Kylie Mackay, from Northshore Pet Resort at Rothwell, reveals her top 10.

#1. A dog’s hearing registers sounds of 35,000 vibrations per second (compared to humans, who only register about 20,000). A dog’s sense of hearing is so good (and so much better than ours) that they can likely hear human (and other animal heartbeats) as well.

#2. Dalmatians are born without spots. That’s right, our famous friends from 101 Dalmations are born pure white when they enter the world! They start to develop their spots a few weeks later as they grow.

#3. The greyhound can sprint 67km/h. To put that into perspective, a cheetah runs 110 to 120km/h, a thoroughbred around 80km/h, the fastest human recorded was 44.72km/h.

#4. A dog’s innate behaviour to circle before sleep creates comfort. Dogs turn in circles before lying down out of instinct. It’s a hardwired evolutionary trait. This action would turn long grass (or any other rough surface) into a more comfortable place to sleep in the wild. While driving out “unwanted guests,” like lizards, ants, snakes, and insects.

#5. Dogs don’t have an appendix. That’s why they never get appendicitis!

#6. Dogs have three eyelids. A dog’s third eyelid is an extra eyelid that functions as a windshield wiper to keep dust and debris out of their eyes. It sweeps back and forth across the eye’s surface, providing protection and spreading the tear film.

#7. Dogs have fewer tastebuds than humans, and cats have even less than dogs!

#8. Dogs can smell diseases such as diabetes and cancer. We know that dogs have historically been used to detect a range of smells such as explosives and drugs, so it’s no surprise they can detect hormonal changes and diseases in humans.

#9. Dogs can smell about 10,000 times better than humans. That’s no surprise to most dog owners, who will report their dog knowing the minute a packet of biscuits is silently opened!

#10. Everyone thinks they have the best dog… and they’re right. That’s a fact!

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