Dolphins life member honour for Marlene

Published 1:00pm 7 February 2024

Dolphins life member honour for Marlene
Words by Kylie Knight

Long-time supporter Marlene Newcombe has been made a life member of the Redcliffe Dolphins Rugby League Football Club – just the third woman to receive the honour in the club’s history.

The announcement was made at the club’s annual general meeting on February 7.

Chairman Bob Jones says ‘it’s long overdue’ and he’s proud to bestow the honour on such a worthy recipient.

Previous female recipients were Dr Elizabeth Richards and Dawn Hill.

“Marlene’s been a great support for a long, long time not only as a sponsor but also a general supporter. She’s been the best major sponsor we’ve ever had,” Bob says.

“It’s a tradition and our way of saying thank you to people who have given great service. Marlene has certainly done that and continues to do that.”

It’s also a way of putting on record the club’s appreciation to long-time supporters and writing it into its history.

“We don’t hand them out willy-nilly either. Some years, there are none. I can’t remember a time when there’s been more than one (in a year),” Bob explains.

“It’s prestigious and well-deserved.”

Marlene’s business Village Motors has supported the Redcliffe Dolphins for more than 20 years. It now also has a partnership with the NRL club.

She is also on the NRL club board and is a foundation Glasshouse member.

“It has been great having her and there will be sometimes when we need to call on that wonderful business experience that she has,” Bob says.

Marlene says she was surprised when she realised, part-way though the AGM, that she was being presented with life membership.

“It was a great honour. I was in shock actually. Nobody gave me a heads-up. I wouldn’t have dreamed of it,” she says.

Bob chimes in laughing and says Marlene would not have attended, had she known.

“It was an honour and I really appreciated it. It was lovely,” Marlene says.

Her association with the club dates back to when her son David started playing in an under-7s team.

“It’s a great club. The people, the community. It’s very community driven. It’s great for businesses because you can network as well. You get to know a lot of new businesses that come on board,” she says.

And Marlene says it means a great deal to be on the NRL club board.

“There’s no words that describe that. Bob came and asked me many years ago if I’d be interested. I’m enjoying it,” she says.

“I’ve still got a lot to learn. There’s a lot to take in.”

With a new playing season about to begin for the club at all levels, Marlene is optimistic about the Dolphins’ chances, and she will be there cheering for players at all levels – from the juniors through to the Queensland Cup and NRL.


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