Driving home safety week message

Published 3:30pm 21 August 2023

Driving home safety week message
Words by Nick Crockford

Police and emergency services across the City of Moreton Bay are urging all road users to “share the responsibility” for making our roads safe.

As part of Queensland’s Road Safety Week (August 21-25) officers were today driving home the message - and this year’s theme - Road Safety Starts With Me.

Senior Sergeant Brett Stevenson, Officer-in-Charge of the Deception Bay Highway Patrol, led the appeal at the BP North service area on the Bruce Highway at Burpengary.

“We’re asking each driver, each road user, passengers and pedestrians, everyone who uses the road space, to take responsibility for their actions,” he said.

“Show patience, show kindness to other drivers. Practice it this week, then continue practicing it as we move forward.”

Driving home safety week message

Sen Sgt Stevenson said roadworks, such as those on the highway, have caused “significant hot spots”.

“Roadworks on the highway will be here for the next 10-15 years as they upgrade and expand the road network,” he said.

“In our area, the crash profiles can be put down to frustration, impatience, people getting angry with each other and eventually ending up with a crash – minor or major.

“We’ve had everything from nose-to-tails to fatality. Show patience going through the roadworks. Everyone has to go through them. Allow extra time for your journey.”

Sen Sgt Stevenson said this year’s road toll in the City of Moreton Bay is 12, considerably higher than 12 months ago when it was five.

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“We’re tracking at more than 50 per cent up,” he said, “our injury crashes are on the rise as well.

“Yet the population hasn’t gone up 50 per cent in a year, so it (road toll) is out of proportion with the area’s growth.

“Moreton is looking at an incredible population increase in the next 10-15 years and potentially more crashes and fatalities - but most of these will be preventable.

“We shouldn’t accept if our population goes up the number of crashes goes up, because there is really no reason for it, other than people’s behaviour on the road.

“If we modify our behaviour and lead by example, then realistically fatalities and injury crashes go down, regardless of the (growth in) population.”

Driving home safety week message

Yesterday, officers from Moreton were at Mt Mee lookout speaking to motorcycle riders about how to make their rides safe.

They also promoted the “Keep it Upright” motorcycle course in Moreton, which is running until the end of the year. Book through the SMART Rider Academy.

Officers also conducted Operation Victor in the Moreton area, intercepting more than 110 motorcycle riders and carrying out more than 560 roadside breath tests.

Police issued seven notice to appears for drink driving, unlicensed driving and speeding.

In Queensland 175 lives have been lost this year due to road fatalities.


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