Everyone welcome at All the best, from Martin Edge

Published 5:00am 4 December 2023

Everyone welcome at All the best, from Martin Edge
Words by Jodie Powell

Step into the colourful world of celebrated artist Martin Edge this summer at Pine Rivers Art Gallery.

Opening on December 16, and running until March 16, All the best, from Martin Edge is a playful sensory exhibition that encourages everyone to experience the world through the eyes of a local Moreton Bay painter.

Martin says the exhibition is not just for art lovers.

“It’s for the whole family and everybody is welcome,” he says.

“My exhibition is about the wondrous world according to me, Martin.

“It’s a celebration of my art, looking back at my journey as an artist and my everyday life and adventures in Moreton Bay.

“It’s my first large-scale exhibition - from my very first painting that I ever completed, which won the Moreton Bay Region Art Prize back in 2008 which is quite special, through to more recent paintings.

“Some of these are coming from all around Australia and I haven’t seen them since I painted them!”

Get involved

Everyone welcome at All the best, from Martin Edge

Martin says there’s also a lot of fun, playful and interactive elements to the exhibition, including augmented reality, a children’s workshop space and lots of sensory elements.

“Plus, there will be heaps of events throughout the exhibition that everyone can enjoy,” he says.

“I want everyone to feel a sense of fun and joy when they come to the exhibition.

“I think there will be a few happy tears when I see it in the gallery for the first time and when people turn up and it brings a smile to someone’s face, then I know I’ve done my job.”

Martin is a celebrated painter who has been working as a professional artist for the past 15 years.

Exhibiting consistently since 2008, Martin has earned national and international recognition.

Besides his art practice, Martin is a proud ambassador for Autism Queensland and his generosity as a volunteer, mentor and artist has positively impacted the Moreton Bay community.

Sense of joy

“People often ask me why I started painting and I guess I didn’t really go looking to become an artist, the art found me,” Martin explains.

“I like bright colours and the world around me and when I paint it makes me happy and brings a sense of joy.

“If I’m having a bad day, when I start painting, I start to feel well and happy again.”

City of Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery says supporting local artists and increasing inclusivity and access in the region is a top priority.

“We are thrilled to be working with, and supporting, local innovators and artists like Pia Robinson and Martin Edge to help make this happen,” Mayor Flannery says.

“With 2023 named as the Year of Accessible Tourism, it’s the perfect time for us to open the doors to this unique exhibition.

“Our gallery exhibition team has spent time researching and working with external consultants to develop this exhibition and associated programming for neurodivergent audiences.

“The exhibition has followed best practice, by co-designing with people who have lived experience, alongside leading experts, to ensure the gallery is a welcoming space for all.

“In addition to the playful paintings by Martin, the exhibition will have a quiet room, a fun, free and interactive activity space and a line-up of great events over the summer period.”

Cultural collaboration

Everyone welcome at All the best, from Martin Edge
Martin Edge and Pia Robinson, in front of public artwork I SEE, Martin Edge. Photograph by Joseph Rucklie.

All the best, from Martin Edge has been produced by City of Moreton Bay Galleries in collaboration with Martin Edge and Pia Robinson, local founder of The Culture Crusader and changemaker in accessible cultural tourism and experiences.

Pia and Martin have known each other for more than 15 years as colleagues and friends.

Pia says it’s been an amazing journey to develop the exhibition in collaboration with the City of Moreton Bay.

“My focus is on making cultural engagement accessible through community-led and artist-led initiatives,” Pia says.

“As a mother with a neurodivergent family who has struggled to find safe cultural experiences for us all to enjoy, this area of work is truly a personal passion.

“Since the idea for this exhibition was first proposed, City of Moreton Bay has supported us throughout the journey to present art in a more accessible way for all to enjoy."

All the best, from Martin Edge is an inclusive arts experience developed by City of Moreton Bay in collaboration with artist, Martin Edge and The Culture Crusader.

All the best, from Martin Edge

Pine Rivers Art Gallery

December 16 2023-March 16 2024

The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm


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