Experts start planning to maximise Olympics potential

Published 1:00pm 30 May 2022

Experts start planning to maximise Olympics potential
Words by Kylie Knight

An Olympian and Paralympian have joined leaders from business, government, regional development, education, tourism, accessibility, sporting, and community and cultural organisations in the first meeting to ensure the Moreton Bay Region shares the spotlight during the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games

The first Mayor’s 2032 Legacy Working Group met on February 27. It is believed this was the first meeting of its kind in South East Queensland.

“We have taken poll position in planning, by hosting the first Mayor’s 2032 Legacy Working Group, including Olympian Bronwen Knox, Paralympian Blake Cochrane, and welcoming guest speaker, Committee for Brisbane chief executive officer Barton Green,” Mayor Peter Flannery says.

“The committee also has representatives from business, government, regional development, education, tourism, accessibility, community and cultural organisations and sporting bodies so that we have a really good picture of all aspects we need to plan for.

| “This event will be unlike anything Moreton Bay has ever seen but if we don’t plan now, we’ll miss the economic, infrastructure and promotional opportunities that 2032 will bring. |

“Beyond the event itself, I want our local Olympic facility to be hosting major sporting events, concerts, and events for generations to come so that the Olympic spirit lives on forever here in Moreton Bay.

Showcasing region to the world

“The Olympic Games attract up to three billion television viewers and 840,000 visitors from around the world, so we need to prepare now and make the most of our opportunity,” Mayor Flannery says.

“This is our big moment to showcase all that makes Moreton Bay so special and build interest in visiting us, doing businesses with us and investing here, both now as we prepare to host the Olympic boxing and further into the future.

“Statistics from recent Olympic Games are mind-blowing, with 93,000 jobs created and 70,000 volunteers involved in the Rio Games in 2016 and 840,000 visits to the Olympic and Paralympic Games - and related cultural events or exhibitions - in London in 2012.

“We need to understand what the visitors want while they are here, such as fishing, boating, enjoying the natural environment, our relaxed bayside lifestyle and our beautiful beaches, waterways and hinterland trails.”

Experts start planning to maximise Olympics potential
The Mayor’s 2032 Legacy Working Group.

Planning key to success

Mayor Flannery says the region also needs to consider where accommodation will be needed, the standards visitors will expect, and the transport, the meals and the entertainment they’ll need.

| “Importantly, Council plans will ensure that we use local businesses, social enterprises and Indigenous businesses as much as possible so that they benefit from this amazing opportunity,” he says. |

“The committee has a lot of support from Council. We already have Council plans to diversify our economy, support our local business, protect our flora and fauna while development occurs for our growing population, and attract hotel investment.

“We have set ourselves the goal of attracting eight internationally branded hotels here over the next decade - that’s 1400 more hotel rooms.

“And we are creating a city vision that reimagines what Moreton Bay can become, harnessing our assets as a region, setting a clear direction for the future and balancing our natural spaces with the needs of a growing population and increased visitor numbers.”

Experts start planning to maximise Olympics potential

Maximising opportunities

Mayor Flannery says it sets the region up well to build an Olympic legacy.

| “I am excited about all the benefits that will flow, such as planning for better transport networks, building an inclusive community and supporting the continued growth of an innovative and entrepreneurial business sector,” he says. |

“We will celebrate our cultures, our healthy lifestyles, our sustainability and our adaptability - and a big part of that will be to contribute to the 2032 Games being carbon positive, by more than offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, and embracing a circular economy that is built on sharing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling.

“By 2033, South East Queensland will be a region of international renown, proudly recognised for the celebration of its rich, ancient cultures and its contemporary creativity.

“We have a massive opportunity to showcase Moreton Bay’s natural beauty, lifestyle, culture, business and investment opportunities - and together with the Mayor’s 2032 Legacy Working Group we are grabbing that opportunity with both hands.”

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