Fashion accessories for fur babies

Published 9:00am 16 September 2023

Fashion accessories for fur babies
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

A 12-year-old entrepreneur from Sandstone Point is proving you’re never too young to follow your dreams, launching her own business.

After being taught how to sew by her mum, Maddie O’Sullivan started making pet accessories and selling them through her business, Bandana Dogs.

Since launching Bandana Dogs in early 2023, Maddie spends a few hours a week at her sewing machine in between school and homework.

“When I first started, I put up posters at the dog parks and then orders started coming in,” Maddie says.

“Then a few dog groomers reached out, and we contacted some more. Now I have three local businesses helping me out by selling my bandanas.”

These include a pet store on Bribie Island, a dog groomer at Sandstone Point, and a mobile dog washer at Caboolture.

Maddie makes the bandanas in sizes ranging from extra small to large. They can be placed over the dog’s collar or buttoned up around their neck.

“I measure out each bandana and then mum helps me cut them, but I do all of the sewing myself,” Maddie says.

“The over-the-collar bandanas take me 20 minutes to make, and the button up ones 10 minutes. We also make little bows as well, which are super cute.

“Dogs can’t wear clothing and jewellery like humans do, so the bandanas are a little accessory just for them.”

Not only do the bandanas make each dog look fabulous and “show off their personality”, but they also can help with keeping them cool, calming their anxiety, and protecting them from parasites.

“Mum and I did some research and found out if you put the bandanas in cold water, it will keep your dog nice and cool for a long time,” Maddie says.

“It also protects them from bugs like fleas and mosquitos.”

Despite only starting her business a few months ago, Maddie is already setting goals for her future.

“I just really love dogs because they are so cute and friendly. When I am older, like 20, I want to continue selling my bandanas and open a puppy daycare centre where I can look after other people’s dogs, play with them, and walk them.”

To see some of Maddie's products, click through the gallery below. 

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