Firing up over plan for "unique area"

Published 5:00am 10 January 2024

Firing up over plan for "unique area"
Words by Nick Crockford

Residents are registering fears, concerns and ideas on bold new master plans for Scarborough Harbour and surrounding parks.

Dozens of comments have been posted on the Scarborough Boat Harbour Draft Master Plan public consultation, which is open until Monday February 12.

More are on the Scarborough Harbour Action Group (SHAG) Facebook page, which was launched last month in response to the plan.

Transport and Main Road's (TMR) new "long-term vision" for the harbour, owned and managed by the State, includes “enhanced utilisation and activation”.

This would include more tourism, commercial and entertainment activities, low impact marina activities and moving trawlers, seafood processing and wholesale across the harbour.

The latter would be part of “expanded marine activities” and a “club and community facility” along the inside harbour section of Scarborough Park.

On the TMR public consultation interactive map Tilly says the “proposed commercialisation of this area will wreak havoc with native flora and fauna”.

“This area is unique seabird and Dugong (returning after flood) area,” she says, “and should be preserved as such, with bike/wheelchair and walking access only.

A graphic illustration by TMR showing proposals in the Scarborough Harbour draft master plan.

“Currently enjoyed by locals, and visitors alike. Unique area, let’s keep it that way.”

Andy posted: “The proposed relocation of the trawlers and their infrastructure does not seem to take into account the extra traffic that would result.

“The current roads and carpark can barely handle weekend and holiday visitors now without adding fuel tankers, boat ramp users and seafood transport trucks.”

Clinton Hanson said the park is “home to a huge variety of birds” and reducing the perimeter fence would create space for a timber board walk.

“Native trees should be planted throughout and remaining grassy areas left to nature," he says.

"People want parks. It is as simple as that. If it goes you will never get it back."

Katy wrote: “The wildlife and the natural environment suffers greatly at the hands of development! Who is going to put their hand up when it is realized this is all a big mistake?

“Why can’t we develop for the greater good for a change instead of destroying yet another habitat that supports so many beautiful creatures!”

Firing up over plan for "unique area"
Scarborough Harbour at sunset.

Rizzo agrees saying the area is “migratory shorebird habitat” for endangered species with habitat and rock walls needing to be maintained.

There are fears for the grassed park area on the corner of Thurecht Pde and Oyster Point Esp which, according to the graphic, may have marine activities building.

Residents have countered with calls for the land to have a fenced off-leash area and be left as a park.

On the SHAG Facebook page, Jon Hayes says part of the grassed area could be a helicopter pad as Redcliffe Hospital “doesn't even have one”.

“Would be very handy for urgent medical evacuation transfers coming in via boat. This idea would stop any buildings going up,” he wrote.

Dominic also wants an upgrade for Thurecht Park saying: “There could be so many more families using this park if there were more playgrounds and better seating.

“When we come down here we struggle to find a table to eat fish and chips."

Click here to have your say on the draft master plan.


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