Genesis makes splash in rankings

Published 3:00pm 22 July 2021

Genesis makes splash in rankings
Words by Nick Crockford

Genesis Aquatics is “excited” by the success of its swimmers in state and national rankings which have been sent out by Swimming Queensland.

The club, at Genesis Christian College, Bray Park, had three swimmers in the national top 20 and 13 in Queensland’s top 20 for their events.

“We were surprised to see how many were on the list,” said Rick Pendleton, Genesis Aquatics Assistant Coach and lead Club Coach.

Genesis makes splash in rankings

Extremely happy

“But extremely happy. We’re delighted for every one of them and this is a great sign for the club going into the future.”

Kiara Vanstyn, Margot Dawson and Olivia Gittins have national top 20 rankings, the latter was in the Queensland Open Water Development squad last year.

Lauren Whalley and Callen Berg have eight and seven state rankings respectively, on the listings, in different events.

“Rankings in multiple events are exactly what we want to see,” said Pendleton, “it shows great potential going forward.”

Genesis makes splash in rankings

Australian Top 20 rankings for last season:

Kiara Vanstyn - 16th 400m Freestyle

Margot Dawson – 18th 400m Freestyle

Olivia Gittins – 17th 1500m freestyle

Queensland Top 20 times:

Olivia Gittins – 12th 800m Freestyle, 7th 1500m Freestyle

Lauren Whalley – 16th 50m Backstroke; 16th 100m Backstroke; 12th 200m Backstroke; 15th 200m IM; 17th 50m Freestyle; 19th 100m Freestyle; 13th 200m Freestyle; 14th 400m Freestyle

Kaelah Bourke – 19th 50m Backstroke; 14th 50m Freestyle

Kaitlyn Weldon – 18th 200m Backstroke

Ellen Gittins – 17th 50m Breaststroke; 13th 100m Breaststroke; 19th 200m Breaststroke

Margot Dawson – 17th 100m Freestyle; 14th 200m Freestyle; 8th 400m Freestyle

Genesis makes splash in rankings

Kiara Vanstyn – 5th 400m Freestyle

Callan Berg – 6th 50m Freestyle; 12th 100m Freestyle; 14th 200m Freestyle; 2nd 400m Freestyle; 11th 100m Backstroke; 10th 50m Butterfly; 9th 200m IM

Felix Nielsen – 16th 50m Freestyle; 5th 100m Freestyle; 4th 400m Freestyle; 20th 50m Butterfly

Xavier Clarke-Bates – 18th 50m Freestyle; 13th 50m Backstroke; 16th 100m Backstroke; 20th 50m Butterfly

Matthew Turner – 20th 200m Freestyle

Robert Soltermann – 14th 800m Freestyle

Mitchell Enchelmaier – 19th 50m Breaststroke

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