Greats share Dolphins memories

Published 7:00am 25 February 2022

Greats share Dolphins memories
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

Moreton Daily spoke to three Dolphins greats about their connection with the club as it celebrates its 75th anniversary this week.

Greats share Dolphins memories
Tony Obst signing autographs in 1973

Tony Obst

Tony Obst began playing at the Dolphins in 1969. He played there until 1982 before going on to play for Brothers under Wayne Bennett. He returned to the Dolphins to finish his career in 1983.

He played about 230 first grade games for Redcliffe and represented Queensland against New South Wales in 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1976 before State of Origin started. He also played for a season in England in 1974.

“I’m a bushy from Longreach and came down to play for the Redcliffe Dolphins. I was really lucky to join this team because there was a bloke who married a girl from Redcliffe, and she used to announce the football on the radio here, and he spoke to his father-in-law about me,” Obst recalls.

“I played first grade out there (in Redcliffe) when I was 15-years-old. My first season was in 1969. It was a great time.

“Rugby League has always been great for me as it gave me so many opportunities and even allowed me to travel the world.

“It’s wonderful to hear the Dolphins are celebrating 75 years. They have got a great Chairman who is a passionate footballer and that’s what you need to have in rugby league clubs.”

Greats share Dolphins memories
Adam Starr playing for Redcliffe

Adam Starr

Adam Starr started playing at the Dolphins in under-17s in the early 90s.

“Before that I was playing over at Brother’s Holy Spirit at Bray Park, which is what it was called back in those days. Today it’s called Pine Central Holy Spirit Rugby League Football Club,” Starr recalls.

“I played at Dolphins until under-21s and then I went to Sydney for eight years. I started off at the Roosters and then went to the Tigers.

“I then came back to the Dolphins where I played roughly 130 games.

“I was also there when the club won four Intrust Super finals in 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2006.

“In 2002 and 2003 it was great because the Intrust Super finals were played in Redcliffe because Suncorp was being done up.

“The Dolphins have always been a great club to be a part of. It’s always had a good stadium with the grass hills and the tunnel to run out of.”

Starr says the club is a great pathway for young players, who now have the opportunity to stay with the it all the way to the NRL.

“My young bloke Cody currently players there. He’s in Under 15s so I try to make as many games as I can,” Starr says.

“For the club to be celebrating 75 years, it’s a testament to the way the club has been run. It’s a good community club and everyone should get behind it.”

Greats share Dolphins memories
Michael Roberts donned the Dolphins jersey

Michael Roberts

Mick Roberts finished high school in Mackay in 1997 and came to Redcliffe to play for the club for the Colts.

“The following year I played my first ever first grade game. I loved it there at the club, as footy has been a big part of my life,” Roberts says.

“I went straight into coaching after I finished playing and coached the Colts.

“There have only been a few years since moving down here that I wasn’t actively part of the club, but that was when my daughter was born. I’m now back this year and I’m the assistant coach for the Q Cup team.

“There are lots of really strong looking players this year, which is great to see.

“The Dolphins have always been a real family-friendly-focused club, and now that there is the avenue for players to go into the NRL, that’s really exciting for all the players.

“I remember the 50th anniversary, which was a real big event with lots of reunions. All the old boys and old teams got together to talk about their days at the club, and I think the 75th anniversary will be the same. A lot of old boys getting together for a beer and watching the footy.

“There will probably be a lot more celebrations for this anniversary, because people are still celebrating the fact that we are now an NRL team.

“I would say to everyone in the community to get behind the club because it is a great club to be a part of.”

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