Greats show their support

Posted: 8am 21 May 2021

Messages of support for the Dolphins’ NRL bid are flowing from former players and fans on the Moreton Daily website, with more than 5000 pledging their support.

Others are also sharing their favourite Dolphins memories and photos.

Dolphins News caught up with some big names of the game and long-time supporters.
Here’s what they had to say …

Denis Brennan - Life Member Old Boys and Patron

In Denis Brennan’s opinion, the Dolphins have the strongest bid out of all those who have made an application (for the NRL).

“They have the history, right from the Murrumba League to the Brisbane competitions and had so many great players who have come through the juniors to seniors and played in the NRL.

“I actually feel confident (about the bid) and when you take into account the club’s financial position as well …. I can’t see any other club but Dolphins.”

Chris “Choppy” Close – Dolphins 1980-81

A proud and successful history and promising future are the main reasons the Dolphins should get the nod, according to Chris Close.

“I’m Dolphins through and through. I think they are in a very good position to support an NRL bid and definitely get my vote.”

“It has supported players in each level of competition and produced players who have gone on to play for Queensland and Australia.

“Redcliffe is also in the middle of a very stable community, one that is growing and Dolphins have kept in step with that.”

Brent Tate – Dolphin junior Under 9-17

For Brent Tate, it is a ‘no-brainer’.

“The club is set up financially and ready to go. It also has a good junior base which is very important … the numbers just stack up.

“I could rattle off 10 players straight away who have come from Redcliffe and had great careers … and that will be a dream for juniors. They can see that pathway.

“Redcliffe has a great footprint over the whole area and it supports that area. I absolutely love the place.”

James Houghton – Played in 1965 Grand Final-winning team

In James Houghton’s view, the Dolphins are the only serious contenders.

“I think the NRL would be mugs not to give it (the NRL licence) to Dolphins. It is probably the only club capable of supporting a new NRL team.

“The performances over the last 10 years have been so good. They have the financial backing and runs on the board producing so many great players.”

John Treeby – Played 1965 Grand Final-winning team

Redcliffe has a very good chance of securing an NRL licence, in the eyes of John Treeby.

“It would be a great achievement and I think they would do very well.

“Having the leagues club has made such a difference and the area is growing right from Sandgate to the Sunshine Coast.

“Redcliffe has also produced so many players. I played here with Artie Beetson when he was about 19 or 20. He went on to have a wonderful career and so have many others.”

Bryan Niebling – Dolphins 1984-87

Brian Niebling believes the Dolphins are well positioned to take a place in the NRL, with independent revenue streams generating income to allow the club to recruit experienced players while nurturing new talent.

“Having the infrastructure around the club gives us plenty of money.

“And it will give local kids a pathway – there will be more starting spots for them in future.”

Greg Conescu – Dolphins 1985-87

The Dolphins’ proven track record of producing talented players and connection to the community stand them in good stead for their NRL bid, according to Greg Consecu.

“They’ve produced a lot of international players.

“But more importantly they have always had strong leadership in the football club and the leagues club, with a strong financial model.

“As well, the club is very focused on the community part of peninsula life.”

Tony Obst – Dolphins 1969-81, 1983

Tony Obst says strong leadership and a history of planning for the future make a compelling argument in favour of the Dolphins NRL bid.

Obst says the club’s rise from the “pauper” days of playing at the Redcliffe Showgrounds to a world-class stadium precinct are proof the Dolphins are ready to take things to the next level.

“They have the right people at the top – they’re rugby league people and they are interested in taking the game forward – they deserve the opportunity.”

Andrew Reibelt – Dolphins 1995-1998 – played in 1997 Grand Final-winning team

The Dolphins’ unparalleled infrastructure, along with its home base being geographically distant from other clubs augers well for the club’s NRL bid, Andrew Reibelt says.

“One of the reasons it’s going to be successful is that we’re not on top of another entity.

“We have our own physical base, and also our own emotional base.

“Our infrastructure is better than most NRL clubs – it’s logistically the superior option.

“It would be a tragedy if we didn’t get the gig.”

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