Heavy rain, roads closed Moreton Bay

Published 6:42am 16 February 2024

Heavy rain, roads closed Moreton Bay
Words by Nadia Chapman

Update 5.50pm: Heavy rain today has caused flash flooding with several roads closed across the City of Moreton Bay, including Youngs Crossing.

While severe thunderstorms have temporarily eased, the redevelopment of severe storms remains possible. Moreton Bay City Council says the situation is continuing to be monitored and detailed warnings will be issued as necessary. 

The SES has so far received two requests for assistance and will continue to support affected residents. The City of Moreton Bay Disaster Management team has been working since 3am to manage floods and close impacted roads.

Several roads are already flooded across the City of Moreton Bay. See the list below. For the most up-to-date information, visit council's disaster dashboard.

Stay up to date with severe weather warnings with MoretonAlert

Places of refuge

Moreton Bay City Council has released a list of current places of refuge at libraries across the city.

To keep up to date with the latest warnings, road conditions and refuge lists, visit council's disaster dashboard.

Sandbag stations

A number of sandbag stations are now open in critical areas across the City of Moreton Bay. 

Locate your closest sandbag station here

Moreton Bay City Council roads

As at 5.50pm

SuburbStreetIncidentImpactAdviceLast Update
BELLMEREStern RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:55:00
UPPER CABOOLTURETinney RoadFloodedat Caboolture River RoadN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
CEDARTONDoyle RoadFloodednear Cedarton DriveN/A16/02/2024 13:30:00
NARANGBAMoorina RoadFloodedat Burpengary CreekN/A16/02/2024 13:00:00
MORAYFIELDUnderpass RoadFloodednear William Berry DriveN/A16/02/2024 16:40:00
DAYBOROGlover RoadFloodedat Juffs Road WestN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
CABOOLTUREStringfellow RoadObstructionat Bowls Club entrance to Centenary LakesN/A16/02/2024 08:45:00
WHITESIDEWhiteside RoadFloodedfrom 55 to 73N/A16/02/2024 16:45:00
ROCKSBERGCaboolture River RoadFloodedat Cockies CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
BUNYADugandan RoadFloodedat Bunya Crossing Reserve car parkN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
BRENDALELeitchs Road Pedestrian BridgeFloodedat South Pine RiverN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
KURWONGBAHForbes RoadFloodedat Sideling CreekN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
WOODFORDGolf Course RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 14:15:00
HIGHVALEGoat TrackLandslip(Flood Damage)N/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
ROCKSBERGCaboolture River RoadFloodedat Ten Bob CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
ROCKSBERGMcNamara RoadFloodedat Eliza CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
NEURUMRasmussen RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 13:00:00
MOUNT DELANEYWiseman RoadFloodedat creekN/A16/02/2024 12:15:00
CEDAR CREEKGordons RoadFloodedat lower crossingN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
STONY CREEKStony Creek RoadFloodedat Stony CreekN/A16/02/2024 13:30:00
STONY CREEKFletcher RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 13:30:00
ELIMBAHKing RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 15:34:00
D'AGUILARBuckingham RoadFloodedat Monkeybong CreekN/A16/02/2024 11:30:00
CABOOLTUREEsme AvenueFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
WAMURANZiviani RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 14:20:00
ROCKSBERGCaboolture River RoadFloodedat Five Pound CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
BURPENGARY EASTBassett RoadFloodednear Uhlmann RoadN/A16/02/2024 15:15:00
LACEYS CREEKDahls CrossingFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
MOUNT DELANEYDewhurts RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 13:25:00
UPPER CABOOLTURELitherland RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:58:00
ROCKSBERGW James RoadFloodedat Upper CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
WAMURAN BASINBasin RoadFloodedat R Sampson RoadN/A16/02/2024 13:50:00
BELLMERERichards CourtFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:53:00
CABOOLTURECentenary Lakes RoadObstructionMorayfield Entrance to Rugby League EntranceN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
HIGHVALERyder RoadFloodedat Blue Gum CourtN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
WAMURAN BASINR Sampson RoadFloodedat Basin RoadN/A16/02/2024 13:50:00
ROCKSBERGW James RoadFloodedat Lower CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
ROCKSBERGW James RoadFloodedat Middle CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
CABOOLTUREHume RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 08:00:00
LAWNTONBells Pocket RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
KURWONGBAHMoore RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
ROCKSBERGBest RoadFloodedat Keillors CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
STANMORECove RoadFloodedat Commissioners FlatN/A16/02/2024 13:30:00
WOODFORDOld Cove RoadFloodedat Blackrock CreekN/A16/02/2024 14:00:00
MORAYFIELDVisentin RoadFloodednear Underpass RoadN/A16/02/2024 16:51:00
MANGO HILLChermside RoadFloodedbetween John Street and Kinsellas Road WestN/A16/02/2024 16:55:00
ELIMBAHOld Gympie RoadFloodedat Six Mile CreekN/A16/02/2024 15:10:00
MOODLUWhittington RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:18:00
LACEYS CREEKLaceys Creek RoadFloodednear Raynbird Creek RoadN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
ROCKSBERGOld North RoadFloodedat Zillmans CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
CEDAR CREEKCurtis RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
CEDAR CREEKGordons RoadFloodedat upper crossingN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
DAYBOROLees Crossing RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
ELIMBAHMcConachy RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:02:00
ELIMBAHWilliams RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 15:16:00
KOBBLE CREEKKobble Creek RoadFloodedat Pringles RoadN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
KOBBLE CREEKPringles RoadFloodednear Kobble Creek RoadN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
DECEPTION BAYBlue Pacific RoadFloodednear Little Burpengary CreekN/A16/02/2024 17:06:00
KURWONGBAHSki RoadFloodedat Scout RoadN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
ROCKSBERGMcNamara RoadFloodedat Browns CrossingN/A16/02/2024 16:35:00
STRATHPINEMott StreetFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 16:45:00
DELANEYS CREEKNewman LaneFloodedNot AvailableN/A16/02/2024 11:45:00
ELIMBAHOld Gympie RoadFloodednear Carawatha RoadN/A16/02/2024 16:00:00
MOODLUWilliams RoadFloodedat Lagoon CreekN/A16/02/2024 16:20:00
BEACHMEREBeachmere RoadFloodedNot AvailableN/A02/02/2024 14:00:00
PETRIEYoungs Crossing RoadFloodedat North Pine RiverN/A16/02/2024 16:30:00
WAMURANHoffman RoadFloodedNear Pates RoadN/A16/02/2024 15:24:00

Main Roads road closures

SuburbStreetIncidentImpactAdviceLast Update
Elimbah - Moreton Bay RegionalBeerburrum RoadFloodingClosures - Road closed to all trafficUse alternative route16/02/2024 4:12 pm
Beachmere - Moreton Bay RegionalBeachmere RoadRoadworksLanes affected - Lane or lanes reducedChanged traffic conditions15/02/2024 7:08 am
Beerburrum / Caboolture / Elimbah - Moreton Bay RegionalBribie Island Road / Bruce Highway / Bruce Highway On Ramp / Tiffany Court (Bruce Highway On Ramp)RoadworksLanes affected - All lanes affectedChanged traffic conditions13/02/2024 12:31 pm
Beachmere / Caboolture - Moreton Bay RegionalCaboolture Beachmere Road (Beachmere Road)RoadworksClosures - Road closed to through trafficObserve signage07/02/2024 3:39 pm


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