Households get free water for two weeks

Published 12:40pm 13 October 2022

Households get free water for two weeks
Words by Nick Crockford

Households across the Moreton Bay Region and South-East Queensland will get two weeks free water as releases begin at Wivenhoe Dam.

Premier Anastacia Palaszcuk said the controlled release of 116,000 megalitres of water, by SEQ Water, would begin on Saturday.

It will lower South-East Queensland’s largest dam from 90 per cent to 80 per cent capacity as the state prepares for a third successive La Nina.

The “flood mitigation” follows warnings from the Bureau of Meterology (BoM) of possible widespread flooding in the 2022-23 storm season.

“This (free water) will result in a significant cost-of-living reduction,” the Premier said in Parliament.

Households get free water for two weeks

“It will reduce water bills to all households connected to the SEQ Water grid to the equivalent of two weeks’ worth of free water.”

The saving will apply to 1.38 million homes. The Premier estimated it will provide about 13,2000 litres of free water and a $55 discount on water bill.

Families were encouraged to use the opportunity to wash houses, cars and pets.

“I encourage families to make the most of this rare opportunity,” Premier Anastacia Palaszcuk said.

“The discount will apply to bills before December and be fully rolled out by March.”

Households get free water for two weeks

The cost-of-living boost comes during Get Ready Week with households everywhere being urged to prepare and plan for severe weather.

“The bureau has forecast widespread flooding for eastern and northern Australia including Queensland for the coming severe weather season,” the Premier said.

“The threat of flooding is here and it is real.

“With Australia in line for a third la Nina in a row the chance of tropical cyclones is earlier, possibly next month.

“We must be ready for the worst.”


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