Council revamps disaster dashboard

Published 5:00am 10 February 2023

Council revamps disaster dashboard
Words by Kylie Knight

Moreton Bay Regional Council has upgraded its Disaster Dashboard, adding features to ensure residents have all the information they need in a natural disaster.

Mayor Peter Flannery says the website contains up-to-the-minute information in one place.

“Moreton Bay locals are no stranger to disaster situations over the past few years, whether it’s floods, bushfires or a pandemic - we’ve seen it all unfortunately,” he says.

“But the good news is that residents have never had so much information at their fingertips to stay informed and up to date, thanks to our new Disaster Dashboard.

“This is a one-stop shop webpage for everything you could ever need when a natural disaster hits, from road and school closures and power outages to weather warnings, breaking local news and so much more.

“Parts of Moreton Bay suffered some of the worst floods in our history in February and March last year, with hundreds of homes being destroyed and many people being displaced.

“Thanks to Council’s communications we were able to keep residents informed about changing weather conditions, where they could get sandbags, where they could find places of refuge or evacuation centres and other key information.

“All of this information is now available in the Disaster Dashboard for residents to access on their phone or computers during a natural disaster.

“Council already had a version of this in place, but the Disaster Dashboard is just better in that it makes much more accessible in a disaster situation and it’s clear for anyone to use.”

Council revamps disaster dashboard

Perfect timing

Local Disaster Management Group Chair Councillor Matt Constance says the Disaster Dashboard will be vital as South East Queensland enters a period of increased bushfire risk.

“After all the rain we had through the La Nina wet cycle, we’ve now been left with an abundance of fuel that will dry out and become prone to causing bushfires as we enter the drier period,” he explains.

“So, the Disaster Dashboard has never been more important for residents to have at their fingertips.

“I urge everyone to get online, have a browse and bookmark the Disaster Dashboard webpage so they can quickly and easily access in the event of a disaster in the future, because we know in Moreton Bay that it’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.”

Find the Disaster Dashboard here and bookmark it


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