Little shark's adventures sure to delight

Published 9:00am 8 November 2022

Little shark's adventures sure to delight
Words by Jodie Powell

A Ferny Hills author has launched a delightful children’s book about a little shark’s night time adventures in the deep blue sea.

Josie Montano says Little Shark Lulu is Sleeping – written in collaboration with marine biologist Charlotte Birkmanis – aims to break down misconceptions about sharks.

The book follows Little Shark Lulu as she’s trying very hard to go to sleep.

But all around her, lots of sea creatures are wide awake and busily hunting, eating or playing.

How can Lulu nod off with all that underwater fun and games?

Little Shark Lulu’s scared – her imagination’s keeping her awake,” Josie says.

“She thinks she sees a monster and we’ve tried to shine a light on what those monsters might really be.”

Little Shark Lulu is sleeping was three years in the making in a process Josie describes as a “Zoom baby” with Charlotte living in Perth and illustrator Carla Hoffenberg living in Sydney.

Promoting inclusivity

Little shark's adventures sure to delight

When Josie first had the idea about writing about sharks, she knew she’d need to enlist Charlotte’s help to ensure the characteristics of each marine creature were accurate – such as sperm whales sleeping vertically.

“Charli and I met in 2009 when we both joined the SES, but she moved to Perth,” Josie says.

“We’ve been following each other on social media and then a shark and a human had a big fight and she was on TV.

“I messaged her and said ‘I think it’s time for us to write something’.

“We’re trying to educate our upcoming generation about the wonders of these species because our generation grew up with Jaws and Jaws created a generation that fears sharks,” Josie explains.

As well as showing a softer side to sharks, Josie says the book delivers subtle messages about inclusivity.

“There’s lots of diversity – there’s Muslim jellyfish, fish wearing glasses, carrying canes,” Josie says.

“It ends with her asleep dreaming of all the creatures she’s come across.

“It makes you wonder – did it all happen or was she just dreaming!”

Stay tuned for a sequel – publisher Interactive Publications has signed the trio for a second book.

Buy Little Shark Lulu is sleeping here.


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