Meet candidates in Moreton Bay City Council elections

Published 4:00pm 27 February 2024

Meet candidates in Moreton Bay City Council elections
Words by Nick Crockford

Here are the 20 candidates chasing seven places on Moreton Bay City Council in next month's Local Government Elections

With six uncontested positions, only 60 per cent of registered voters in our City will go to the polls in just under three weeks.

Those living in Divisions 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 must vote for their next Councillor, but not Mayor as Peter Flannery was unopposed when nominations closed. 

So were Brooke Savige (Div 1), Jodie Shipway (Div 4), Yvonne Barlow (Div 7), Cath Tonks (Div 9) and Darren Grimwade (Div 12). Mick Gillam (Div 8) has retired.

Early voting opens on Monday , March 4 and runs until March 15. Election day is March 16, from 8am-6pm.

Postal applications close on March 7 and the close of return of postal votes is March 26. For further information visit

Candidate profiles below are presented in alphabetical order. by division. Each was given a 200 word limit.

Division 2

(Covering Burpengary East and parts of Beachmere, Burpengary, Caboolture, Deception Bay, Morayfield, Narangba and Ningi)

Mark Booth

Name: Mark Booth

Party: Independent

Suburb: Burpengary East

How long have you lived in Division 2? 9 years Division 2, 40 years Moreton Bay

Occupation: Councillor

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 2? I have worked with and supported over 30 community groups including: Beachmere Community Garden, Beachmere Men's Shed, Beachmere RSL, Burpengary Community Association, Patron of Caboolture and District Artisan Guild, Patron of Caboolture River Fishing Club, Burpengary Jets Rugby League, Burpengary East Neighbourhood Watch, Narangba Crows AFL, Caboolture Clay Target Club, Caboolture Sports FC, Deception Bay Little Athletics, King Street Players Theatre group.

Three issues I will address:

  • Ensure Planning Scheme Amendments are passed by State Government to correct issues, including increased parking rates for units/dwellings, wider streets for on-street parking, more housing choices, protect 75 percent of Moreton Bay from development. 
  • Lead transparency and information sharing. Through Facebook and newsletters, I have shared every impact-assessable application and council decision giving residents every opportunity to contribute to the future.
  • Ensure continued financial sustainability of Council. With cost-of-living pressures and cost of services and materials rising, our next budget must balance community’s expectations in infrastructure and maintain high level of services.
Gregory Dillon

Name: Gregory Dillon

Party: Animal Justice Party (AJP)

Suburb: Narangba

How long have you lived in Division 2? Lived in Narangba, just outside the border of Division 2, my whole life.

Occupation: Customer Service

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 2? Information not provided

Three issues I will address: 

  • I will make sure more is done to help protect koalas in our region, from preserving habitat to increased funding for rescue and care services.
  • Overdevelopment. Current environmental protections and access to quality infrastructure is not prioritised enough when considering approval for new developments.
  • Banning 1080 poison. 1080 poison is a non-selective, cruel and inhumane method of 'population' control, its continued use is barbaric.

Division Three

(Covering Caboolture South and parts of Bellmere, Caboolture, Moodlu and Morayfield)

Adam Hain

Name: Adam Hain

Party: Independent

Suburb: Caboolture

How long have you lived in Division 3? Grew up in Toorbul where we still have the family house. We moved away and my wife and I came back 13 years ago.

Occupation: Councillor (previously carpenter/builder)

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 3? Between sports clubs, their committees, as well as community volunteer groups, Caboolture has over 100 that I have worked with at some point in the last eight years. In short...all of them.

Three issues I will address:

  • Caboolture CBD revitalisation plan
  • Centenary Lakes Master Plan completion and commencement
  • Lower King Street entry land with targeted agri/tourism plan
Kerri Raedel

Kerri Raedel

Did not provide a Candidate Profile

Division Five

(Newport, Rothwell, Scarborough and parts of Deception Bay, Kippa-Ring and Narangba)

Garry Ohlson

Name: Garry Ohlson

Party: Independent

Suburb: Redcliffe

How long have you lived in Division 5? Live in Division 6 close to the border with Division 5. With the exception of the pavilion, I felt Karl was doing a good job in Division 6.

Occupation: Business technology advisor

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 5? Redcliffe Bridge Club; 99.7 Bridge Community Radio; Dolphins Leagues; RSL; North Lakes Sports; RACQ Gold

Three issues I will address: 

  • Only three? Division 5 has a number of issues currently creating discussion.
  • Scarborough Boat Harbour development, Newport Marina development, lack of boating ramps, overdevelopment, homeless management, rental shortage, dog off leash flexibility, shaded public parking, public transport, elderly and disabled facilities.
  • This is the start of my list of issues which have been raised by residents with me. If you've a spare two hours, I'll cover the balance.
Sandra Ruck

Name: Sandra Ruck

Party: Independent

Suburb: Newport

How long have you lived in Division 5? 40+ years

Occupation: Councillor (formerly teacher)

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 5? Nil, due to COI whilst advocating on behalf of community groups.

Three issues I will address:

  • Changes within the law and within our capacity and jurisdiction to enable Council to further tackle homelessness. Our Council has stepped up and I am proud of what we have achieved in a space not traditionally that of local government. In fact, other Councils are watching the City of Moreton Bay with great interest in this space of homelessness.
  • Minimise, as much as is possible, the impact progressive development is having on our community lifestyle and wildlife habitat. Given the newly-updated figures relating to the SEQ Regional Plan 2021-46, our City’s population is expected to reach 792,700 by 2046 or increase by 12,300 people on average per year. For Moreton Bay this means accommodating an additional 125,800 dwellings between 2021-46.
  • Queens Beach Dog-Off-Leash area needs more ‘tweaking’ to ensure all users are given a ‘fair go’.
Dean Teasdale

Name: Dean Teasdale

Party: Independent

Suburb: Deception Bay

How long have you lived in Division 5? 22 years, locally 43 years.

Occupation: Senior Housing Officer – Social & Affordable Housing

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 5? My volunteering has been diverse. I most enjoyed participating through my children's activities.

Three issues I will address:

  • Action on Homelessness: I am dedicated to Council doing more on homelessness. Our parks are for recreation, not be points of refuge. This will require a multifaceted approach, providing immediate support and long-term housing solutions and integrating services to address underlying issues.
  • Enhancing Lifestyles: I will advocate for policies that improve public safety and address the cost of living and housing affordability, so every resident can enjoy a lifestyle that reflects the quality and vibrancy of our community.
  • Putting the Community First: I will listen, take action and be a stand up for our community on Council. Respecting our history, protecting green spaces and integrating sustainable practices. By preserving these, we will enhance the quality of life for residents and safeguard them for future generations.

Division Six

(Clontarf, Margate, Redcliffe, Woody Point and parts of Kippa-Ring)

Benita Suckling - Picture Emma Winzar of Socially Create

Name: Benita Suckling

Party: The Greens – Some have commented it’s unusual to see a party candidate in Moreton Bay, but being transparent about political alignment felt the best way to start with residents of Division 6.

Suburb: Margate

How long have you lived in Division 6? Our beautiful Redcliffe Peninsula has been my home for more than 11 years while growing my little family.

Occupation: Hospital Pharmacist - a job I love. Serving the health of the community, including through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 6? I’ve been involved in lots of community litter clean-ups over the last several years organised by our Greens branch. I had the pleasure through this campaign to get to know local indigenous leaders and community groups like The Breakfast Club, Pristine Peninsula and Time for Change Moreton Bay.

Three issues I will address:

Local residents know the issues affecting them and have a diversity of perspectives and great ideas - our community is hungry for consultation, collaboration and action on important issues such as:

  • Development, maintenance and planning
  • Housing availability and homelessness
  • Protection and care of local wildlife (especially our local koalas!) and biodiversity
Karl Winchester

Name: Karl Winchester

Party: ALP member since high school. Running self-funded, independent campaign.

Suburb: Clontarf

How long have you lived in Division 6? Born in Redcliffe, local since 1988.

Occupation: Councillor

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 6? Patron Redcliffe Show Society, Eildon Croquet Club, Redcliffe Gem Club, Redcliffe District Family History Group, Leukemia Foundation Redcliffe. I also work with groups, schools and businesses.

Three issues I will address:

  • Keep pressure on Council to deliver a new Suttons Beach Pavilion for future generations, with funding from three levels of government and guided by an architectural design competition.
  • Promote more affordable and social housing on the Peninsula for seniors and families. Continue work on attracting affordable housing, like those at Portwood St and Sutton St in Redcliffe and Wighton St in Margate. These sites will bring 150+ new affordable homes. Continue backing council’s construction of a Homeless Support Hub in Redcliffe, housing the Brekkie Club and Salvation Army.
  • Promote a new Planning Scheme that protects our natural environment and lifestyle, arguing for more levers in the new scheme allowing Council to enforce building heights and avoid overdevelopment in character areas like Woody Point Village.

Division Eight

(Bray Park, Lawnton, Petrie, Strathpine and parts of Joyner, Kallangur and Kurwongbah)

Stephen Huxtable

Name: Stephen Huxtable

Party: Independent.

Suburb: Petrie

How long have you lived in Division 8? Moved to Petrie in 2009

Occupation: Aviation flight safety officer.

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 8? President of Fleet Air Arm Association of Queensland, member of Bray Park Returned Services League RSL, member of Pine Rivers Naval Association a veteran. I joined the Royal Australian Navy at 17 and in one form or another have been serving this nation most of my life.

Three issues I will address:

I moved to Petrie in 2009. I chose Petrie for a large number of reasons, chiefly lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have seen a decline in that lifestyle and I don’t want to see any more. I believe my work history and experience would allow me to keep working for this nation as your councillor.

  • Realistic and reasonable decision making that reflects the will of the people.
  • Preservation of lifestyle.
  • Constant and open communication, explaining decisions in plain English with the electorate.
Susan Laird

Name: Susan Laird

Party: Independent

Suburb: Bray Park

How long have you lived in Division 8? Nearly 20 years

Occupation: Learn to Swim Teacher for Access & Inclusion, schools, adults, countries of another language (CALD) and babies

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 8? Wildlife Preservation Society Native Plants, Pine Rivers Koala Care, Clean Up Australia Day, Bushcare team leader multiple sites, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Community Matters, Planet Ark National Tree Day for Schools, Pine Rivers Catchment Association, Birdlife Australia, Wildlife Volunteers Association, Puggles Swim for sign language

Three issues I will address:

  • I am passionate about protecting and improving our natural spaces. Native species need healthy habitat. Council must make this a priority by protecting existing green space and river corridors.
  • High levels of public consultation and transparency with decision-making fully open to public scrutiny. Notifications of development applications would help locals know when a new development is under consideration. Meet-your-councillor days for constituents to raise matters important to them.
  • Division 8 roads, footpaths and cycleways are often in bad repair. Council needs to invest in resurfacing roads, upgrading footpaths and cycleways. Footpaths and cycleways should be connected with Brisbane City to provide safer commuting.
Jim Moloney

Name: Jim Moloney

Party: Independent (member of the Labor Party, but running as an independent)

Suburb: Bray Park

How long have you lived in Division 8? 12 years

Occupation: Data analysis and configuration for a window and door manufacturer

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 8? Pine Rivers Football Club, Bray Park SS P&C, Bray Park SHS P&C, Pine Rivers SHS P&C, Lawnton SS P&C, other P&Cs in the area, Petrie Parkrun, Pine Rivers Koala Care, Moreton Bay Bushcare, Moreton Bay Cornhole, Pine Rivers Darts

Three issues I will address:

  • Making our community safer, improving lighting, more mobile CCTV, diversion programs to stop kids getting into trouble
  • Helping the homeless (and people close to being homeless), creating council managed "bed-down" packs for community groups, get new support services into our region, create safe spaces for people to stay in, identify new housing solutions,
  • Focus on council’s core business, better maintenance of roads and parks, introduce a green waste bin, get Youngs Crossing and the Francis Rd upgrades done
Tara Seiffert-Smith

Name: Tara Seiffert-Smith

Party: Queensland Greens

Suburb: Lawnton

How long have you lived in Division 8? I have lived in Division 8 for just over a year. However, I have lived my whole life in Moreton Bay and grew up a few suburbs away in Division 9.

Occupation: Human Rights Solicitor

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 8? Throughout the years, I have volunteered with several organisations such as St Vincent de Paul, Pine Rivers Community Legal Centre and currently Paws Brisbane as a dog foster carer.

Three issues I will address:

  • Advocate for a vacancy levy to discourage empty homes, land and shops to help address local housing availability and homelessness.
  • Ensure the planned wildlife hospital at Dakabin is built as soon as possible. We need emergency care much closer than Australia Zoo!
  • Represent the people of Petrie, Bray Park, Lawnton and Strathpine, rather than big developers and vested interests.
Jamie Walter

Name: Jamie Walter

Party: Independent (self-funded)

Suburb: Petrie

How long have you lived in Division 8? 30 years

Occupation: Volunteer

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 8? School and college P&Cs, sports & recreation, aged care and disability, special interest groups

Three issues I will address:

  • There are a broad range of matters for Division 8. This is about bringing community, council and professionals together to solve outcomes for all community members.
  • What I’m hearing from the community is: Road safety and future design, flood mitigation, increased cost pressure on families, sustainable development, revitalise recreational spaces.

Division Ten

(Arana Hills, Bunya, Draper, Everton Hills, Ferny Hills and parts of Albany Creek)

Matt Constance

Name: Matt Constance

Party: Independent

Suburb: Everton Hills (before that Albany Creek)

How long have you lived in Division 10? 30 years

Occupation: Councillor for 8 years, Chair of Local Disaster Management Group, Chair of Recovery Group, member of audit committee, portfolio - engaged communities

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 10? Member of GVK Lions, Member of Hills & District Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Chaplaincy Support Group at Patrick’s Rd State School

Three issues I will address:

Division 10:

  • Further development of sporting facilities at James Drysdale Reserve
  • Expansion of the Hills District all abilities playground
  • Improved active transport links

City of Moreton Bay:

  • Modernisation of Council service delivery through improved governance and transparency
  • Building a stronger and more resilient community to improve recovery from natural disasters
  • Improved planning scheme to ensure we can preserve 75 per cent of our cities green space while managing the increasing population growth pressures, with the right development and population densities in the right locations.
Brett McDowall

Name: Brent McDowall

Party: Queensland Greens

Suburb: Everton Hills

How long have you lived in Division 10? 20+ years

Occupation: Software engineer

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 10? Hills District PCYC

Three issues I will address:

  • Protect our local koalas, wildlife habitat and biodiversity from poorly planned development.
  • Address local housing availability and homelessness to the fullest scope possible.
  • Better public transport including high frequency buses.
Andrew Murphy

Name: Andrew Murphy

Party: Independent

Suburb: Ferny Hills

How long have you lived in Division 10? 15 years

Occupation: Manager of support Operations APAC

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 10? The Hills Players

Three issues I will address:

  • Moreton Bay City energy response plans. I want to place a particular lens on climate change responses. A tangible item is the location of community evacuation centres. Community evacuation centres all need to be accessible to the public during an event such as fire or flood. Unfortunately, a number of centres are in danger of being affected by flood and not accessible during an emergency.
  • Unitywater made a profit of $137.5 million dollars last exported financial year. This funding was returned to the three councils who own a stake in Unitywater. Tackling this profiteering will have the opportunity to return real money to ratepayers of those councils.
  • Cybersecurity and Information protection. Cybersecurity training and information protection training are critically important community services that can be delivered effectively by council directly and through community partners.

Division Twelve

(Bellthorpe, Booroobin, Bracalba, Campbells Pocket, Cedarton, Commissioners Flat, D'Aguilar, Delaneys Creek, Moorina, Mount Delaney, Mount Mee, Neurum, Rocksberg, Stanmore, Stony Creek, Upper Caboolture, Wamuran, Wamuran Basin, Woodford and parts of Bellmere, Burpengary, Caboolture, Elimbah, Moodlu and Morayfield)

Tony Latter

Name: Cr Tony Latter

Party: Independent

Suburb: Morayfield

How long have you lived in Division 12? Most of my life

Occupation: Councillor

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 12? I have involvement with many but those with more formal personal involvement include: Director Rotary Club of Caboolture, President Centre Against Domestic Abuse (CADA), Founder Red Ride, Ride Against Domestic Abuse, Vice Chair Carmichael College, Patron Woodford Community House, Patron Burpengary Equestrian Centre, Patron Burpengary Western Performance Club, Patron Western Dressage SE QLD

Three issues I will address:

The 2016 Planning Scheme - and previous representation - failed Division 12. As applications are assessed against that, we need a new planning scheme. Infrastructure to handle growth is also outlined in the planning scheme, and an under allocation, has meant Division 12 has lagged behind. We have taken action to fix this, but further work is needed.

Council is working on this and has delivered a range of initiatives and policies. This work needs to continue to make sure we are addressing these three issues:

  • To get a better balance between development and environment
  • Infrastructure, roads and maintenance
  • Being a socially responsible Council
Errol O'Brien

Name: Errol O’Brien

Party: Independent

Suburb: Morayfield

How long have you lived in Division 12? 43 years

Occupation: Not provided

Which community groups are you involved with in Division 12? Secretary, Petersen Road North Neighbourhood Watch (CAB 18). As my environmental contribution, I will have no plastic election signs or How to Vote cards.

Three issues I will address:

  • Country areas of Division 12 are forgotten. Road conditions are a hazard in Neurum, Bellthorpe, Mt Mee. Moorina and Elimbah are getting a highway they don’t want.
  • Developments evict all wildlife, remove trees and topsoil to another low-lying development site. The community is not vibrant and sustainable but sterile. Where are community halls and community gardens similar to the UK allotment system?
  • MBCC expenditure on Olympics
Adrian Raedel

Adrian Raedel

Did not provide a Candidate profile


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