Moreton Bay City Council Budget: Rates rise - and concession

Published 10:26am 14 June 2024

Moreton Bay City Council Budget: Rates rise - and concession
Words by Nick Crockford

Ratepayers in Moreton Bay will get a 'Queensland-first' rates concession and have smallest rates hike in four years in Council’s 2024-25 Budget, which was brought down this morning.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the average rate rise for an owner-occupied residential property, including a $50 concession and levies, is 3.8 per cent – which is $1.35 per week or $70.21 a year.

Cr Matt Constance said the $50 "rates relief" was worth $6 million and will be "automatically applied to eligible residents as a one-off on the first rates bill. There is no action required by residents".

He said it was fully funded through the "partial use" of Council's carbon credit units from the capture of methane at landfill sites.

Rate rises for the last three years have been, on average, 3.9 per cent 2021, 5.6 per cent 2022 and 4.45 per cent 2023.

Pensioner rates remissions will continue with the $250 remission for full pensioners and the $100 rates remission for part-pensioners.

Self-funded retirees will continue to receive a $75 rates rebate.

It is part of Moreton Bay City Council’s record $922 million Budget for 2024-25, which the Mayor said “has a focus on liveability now and into the future”.

“With our current population of more than 500,000 set to double to one million in under 30 years, our 2024-25 Budget is a strong commitment laying sustainable foundations,” Mayor Flannery said.

“This year’s responsible Budget will deliver value for money and continue our strong commitment to infrastructure, jobs and innovation.”

“We recognise the need to help local families with the cost of living. As a local government we don’t have many levers to pull.

“But sound financial management and the use of carbon credits from Council’s landfill operation means City of Moreton Bay can support residents doing it tough.

“Today, I can announce Council is granting a $50 rates concession to eligible owner-occupier residential properties from July 1 2024.

“This type of concession is Queensland’s first. No local government has implemented this before."

The Mayor thanked the State's Local Government Minister Meaghan Scanlon "for her support in helping us realise this for our residents".

He also said Council will "continue to deliver on some of our key projects such as Youngs Crossing Road, Sutton's Beach pavilion redevelopment and Caboolture River Road.

The 2024-25 Budget also includes $277 million for capital works and $88.5 million for roads and transport networks.

$80.1 million will be spent on waste management with the new green organics collections starting in December with 116,000 new bins to be delivered for the program.

Road rehabilitation for 253 projects received $56.1 million, 78 footpath projects will cost $17.3 million, $29.6 million will go on waterways and coastal areas and $3.7 million to wildlife initiatives and green infrastructure projects.

Council will spend $1.73 million on its CCTV infrastructure, making Moreton Bay’s network of 1910 cameras, one of the largest in Queensland.

There will be $41.3 million on parks and environment, $16.8 million on sport and recreation and $51.2 million on cultural services, which includes libraries and community facilities, with more 10,000 free programs, 70 exhibitions and more than 40 free events.

Council will add "an extra $1 million to its business support initiations to assist small business and the rural agricultural businesses section", the Mayor said.


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