Moreton Bay Regional Council CEO resigns

Published 2:30pm 13 January 2023

Moreton Bay Regional Council CEO resigns
Words by Kylie Knight

After three years at the helm of Australia’s third largest Council, Greg Chemello has resigned as CEO of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

His resignation will take effect on Friday, May 19 2023.

“It has been an absolute privilege to serve these last three years as Moreton Bay’s CEO, "it has undoubtedly been a career highlight for me,” he said.

“But after 40 years of full-time employment it’s time for me to take a different path to hopefully achieve a better work/life balance than in recent decades through a combination of some board and advisory roles.

“I often tell my peers and industry colleagues how fortunate I am being able to work with such a talented and dedicated team of council officers, under the committed and strategic leadership of Moreton Bay’s Councillors.

“I am confident council will find an exceptional replacement to lead this organisation into the future, before my tenure ends.”

In an email to staff today, Mr Chemello thanked them for the “effort and energy over the past three years”.

“It’s your work that has helped me succeed in this role and I genuinely believe that the brightest days for Moreton Bay are still to come,” he said.

Moreton Bay Regional Council CEO resigns

Agent of change

Mr Chemello started at MBRC in January 2020 just before the local government elections in March.

He navigated the Council through significant cultural change, the COVID-19 pandemic, oversaw major planning scheme reforms, implemented the first significant Regional Economic Development Strategy, and changed Council’s strategic priorities to put the environment and sustainability at the forefront of all decision-making under the Mayor’s direction for the region to: ‘Go Green As We Grow’.

Mayor Peter Flannery said Mr Chemello had proven to be the right person at the right time through global and economic uncertainty.

“Greg has been an agent of change, positive change, and now we are on the hunt for another change maker who’ll put Moreton Bay on the map ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brisbane,” Mayor Flannery said.

“I truly appreciate Greg giving us a significant notice period before leaving, to ensure we find a suitably talented and energetic replacement.

“Whoever our new CEO will be, they have already been set up for success thanks to the foundations that Greg has laid.

“I think it’s a testament to his character he has planned to keep this ship steady through a process of leadership change, and of course we couldn’t let him leave before the region celebrates its 15th anniversary in March this year!

“I remember when Greg started at MBRC he told us that his motivation to come here was the opportunity to craft a new and refocused vision for our organisation, that empowers our team to successfully adapt to delivering on the modern expectations of our community.

“Through these turbulent years and economic uncertainty Greg has stayed true to his word, delivered what he promised, and I thank him for the integrity that he has shown every day.

“Operationally our Council is now more modern, cohesive, and forward-thinking thanks to his ‘nice guy’ approach to management and always demonstrating true leadership in tackling difficult issues.

“He has never shied away from making tough but fair decisions, and he has always provided good counsel to myself and the other elected members.

“I will miss him both professionally and personally, and thank him for his service.

“Fortunately it’s not a real goodbye, since we’ll still be working with Greg on making The Mill SEQ’s landmark investment opportunity.”

Mr Chemello will continue as an independent director of Millovate Pty Ltd in Petrie effective from May 22, 2023.

“I am personally very committed to ensure the success of The Mill at Moreton Bay initiative and thrilled that I will be able to continue supporting both the economic and community development of this great region,” Mr Chemello said.

Council will shortly commence a nation-wide recruitment process to find a new CEO.


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