Motor Nation to open at Brendale

Published 4:00pm 6 October 2022

Motor Nation to open at Brendale
Words by Kylie Knight

An all-in-one automotive supercentre offering high-quality products and accessories, servicing and repairs, and onsite fitment and installation is opening at Brendale on October 10.

The business, called Motor Nation, will cater to tough, fast, adventurous motoring while also looking after the everyday driver.

Owner and founder Elschin Venter gave Moreton Daily a tour as the finishing touches were added to the business earlier this week.

It has a showroom from which customers can buy the latest AC Delco and Xtreme Gravel Gear, with Motor Nation an exclusive supplier of both high-quality brands. There’s everything you need including pop-up tents and awnings.

The centre also has a fitment workshop for fitting and customisation work, in addition to a general servicing workshop and trade parts department.

And there’s an onsite café, called Coffee Barre which offers barista-made Wolff Coffee Roasters coffee and an international-inspired menu. It will be open from 6am-4pm to the general public and customers. There is also a meeting room available for use.

Elschin says the idea for a supercentre came from a joke among friends in automotive that they needed their own customisation shop, using their favourite brands in parts and accessories.

“We’ve got a history in automotive already, but we’ve always been more passionate about people achieving really cool stuff with their cars,” she explains.

“Yes, your car is a vessel that needs to get you from A to B, but for some people and families like ours it’s so much more than that. Our car is a part of what we do to enjoy life.”

Elschin says she has always used AC Delco parts and had a strong relationship with the company’s sales representative who suggested she ask if it would come on board.

Elschin pursued it and convinced the AC Delco to take them on as stockists and realised car customisation was something they could really get into with the backing of that brand and Extreme Gravel Gear.

When they saw the building at 134 South Pine Rd was for lease, it all started to fall into place.

Motor Nation to open at Brendale

What is Motor Nation?

“Essentially, we’re a hybrid component of all sorts of things. We’re actually a dealership and can do everything a dealership can do but we don’t sell you cars,” Elschin explains.

“We’ve got the showroom, where all of our products are and you can literally walk in off the street and purchase anything you can see here on the floor. We’ve got an online component for online sales, with any products we have here plus a little bit extra.

“We have a speciality 4WD fitment centre, which is connected to the showroom. It’s a bit different to a mechanic shop in that we don’t necessarily service the car but any of the accessories that are here get fitted to your car and all the tools we have in there are 4X4 specialised.

“We also do have our service centre. Anyone who owns a car can go in there and have their car serviced. The beauty of it is that the products that we are selling in here are products that we will actually be utilising in our workshop.

“We do have a trade focus as well … being exclusive dealers of Xtreme Gravel Gear, we do supply to other fitment centres. Being stockists of AC Delco, we also supply our parts to other mechanic shops.

“You can confidently have your car repaired knowing that a really good brand of product is going into your car but also that you’re not having to wait five days for a set of spark plugs to arrive from somewhere.

“The other beautiful side of that is while you’re having your car serviced, you can pop down and have a cuppa.”

Motor Nation to open at Brendale

Who will Motor Nation’s customers be?

“The slogan for the company is for the tough, fast and adventurous and that encompasses anything and everything we do,” Elschin says.

“For the tough, it’s people who are putting their cars through conditions that dealerships have never thought about, manufacturers have never considered. Fast … the performance of your car is what we’re most passionate about and allowing your car to perform to its full capacity regardless of the type of car you own.

“What we want to achieve for anybody is to allow their vehicles to perform in a way that allows them to have the lifestyle they want.”

Motor Nation to open at Brendale

Servicing promotion

Book your car in for a service during October and November and get one year’s free membership of Motor Nation Club, a VIP program which offers capped servicing and other benefits.

Joining the Motor Nation Club is normally $100/year, and being a member gets you capped servicing for all general servicing packages.

Black Service Package: basic service capped to $149

Grey Service Package: essential service capped to $189

Pink Service Package: major service capped to $229


If you join while the club membership fee is waived, you’ll save $250 in servicing fees (on average) in your first year of membership.

Is your car still receiving logbook/new car servicing? By becoming a member, you’ll receive a flat 15% discount on all logbook servicing costs.

All of these savings will be applied to your first service, and any other services in the following year, for free with your early-bird Motor Nation Club Membership.

There’s also Motor Nation Business Club which offers a fleet package that’s hard to beat.

Becoming a Motor Nation Club member will also entitle you to:

- two free diagnostic scans and assessment

- 10 per cent discount on all parts needed for mechanical repairs

- One free brake fluid bleed

- Coffee ‘n Cake combo at Coffee Barre for just $6 (Limited to Membership card holder and excludes certain items)

- Monthly offers and exclusive access to Motor Sport and 4x4 events

Motor Nation to open at Brendale

When does it open?

Motor Nation is open from October 15th, but there will be a grand opening event on October 22nd. Follow the Facebook page for details.

Opening hours: 7am-5pm every day. The service centre will open at 8am but cars can be dropped off as early as 6.30am or the night before.

For more information, visit the website or phone 3123 5311.

Motor Nation to open at Brendale


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