Norwex celebrates 30 years of changing lives

Published 2:00pm 3 April 2024

Norwex celebrates 30 years of changing lives
Words by Moreton Daily

This year Norwex celebrates its 30th global anniversary*.

It was founded in June 1994 with a vision for a cleaner, safer planet and a life with less harmful chemicals.

From a humble microfibre cloth, Norwex has evolved into a force for sustainability, driving a healthier lifestyle.

Anticipation is building for the grand celebration in June, reflecting on three transformative decades.

A mission to make a difference

Norwex celebrates 30 years of changing lives

Founded in Norway nearly 30 years ago, Norwex® has transformed millions of homes around the globe by sharing a cleaner, safer way of living by reducing harmful chemicals in everyday lives.

By influencing and educating others, you can build a rewarding business and make a significant impact for generations to come.

Be a trailblazer of sustainable living, lead the way for a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.

Join the movement #knowingnorwex

Norwex celebrates 30 years of changing lives
Sandra Russell Senior Vice President Sales Leader, QLD

Sixteen years ago, I was introduced to this incredible company and product, Norwex.

With two little ones under two, my initial “why” was to meet new people and to have a little “me” money.

As I continued to fall in love with the incredible products and mission, my “why” has evolved over the years.

"I’m incredibly passionate about educating others on our mission and making a difference and impact to the lives of others, whether that be through education about our products or the business income earning potential."

Setting the standard in microfibre performance

With Norwex Microfibre, you can eliminate harmful, chemical-laden cleaners plus all those single-use disposables like paper towels, floor pads and wipes.

That’s great for the environment and your budget, saving you about $600 a year.

Look for the leaf symbol, which denotes products made from 50%–91% recycled microfibre yarn.

They’ve saved millions of bottles from landfill.

And with no more lugging around buckets or switching cleaners for every project, you’ll save a lot of time too.

What AUNZ Director of Field Engagement Paula Reilly thinks...

"I have been living Norwex for 16 years and have seen countless lives touched and changed for good." 

Since the Norwegian brand was brought to Australia and New Zealand, 16 and nine years ago respectively, I have led some amazing Consultant communities as they share their passion and love for Norwex and our products.

This is what ultimately sits at the heart of Norwex, the Mission.

I think that we all have the capacity to change and make healthier choices in life, for our lives and those of our future generations.

Why our products are better

Our exclusive BacLock® self-purifies

Look for the logo:

Norwex Microfibre products containing BacLock® self-purify within 24 hours when wet!

This micro silver antibacterial agent embedded in the cloth self-cleanses it – drastically reducing mould, fungi and bacterial odour – so the cloth is ready to use again and again, and it needs laundering less often.

Between washes, simply rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

Enzyme and probiotic-based cleaners

Your home is no place for harmful chemicals – that's why many of our household cleaning products are enzyme- or probiotic-based.

These natural elements not only work quickly and effectively to break down soils, stains and odours, they provide a better clean, free from harmful chemicals, so they're safer for your family and the environment.

OceanBound Packaging

The OceanBound label on some of our 355ml bottles indicates they’re made of plastic waste that was at risk of entering the world’s oceans.

This is plastic that for whatever reason had fallen outside normal collection processes and was in danger of becoming a part of the 9 million tons of discarded plastic estimated to flow into our oceans every year.

Bottles made from OceanBound Plastic are completely recyclable in most council recycling streams.

Home care

Explore safer options with our advanced microfibre cloths, mops and plant- and enzyme-powered cleaning solutions.

Family care

Quality products catered to your kids, pets, sports needs and on-the-go lifestyle.

Personal care

Enjoy products free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and flavourings.

Why our customers love Norwex

Learn about microfibre science.

The science behind probiotics.

Introducing enzymes.

Experience a cleaner, safer, better way of living and discover a journey with purpose and meaning here.

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