Pet Grooming Tips

Posted: 5pm 03 Nov 2021

Grooming is an extremely important part of owning a pet, as it improves overall health, appearance and provides a great bonding experience with your fur kids. Here are some tips for pet lovers.

What is grooming?

Grooming can be done either at home by the pet’s owner, or by a professional grooming salon. Don’t confuse ‘grooming’ with ‘clipping’! Clipping is only one procedure in the grooming process and is often done at a salon by a professional groomer. Grooming on the other hand can include more simple procedures that can be done at home, such as combing and brushing.

Why should you groom your pet?

Grooming your pet regularly at home helps them get used to the physical process involved so that they enjoy it. It results in improved appearance, increased comfort, and improved health. Regular brushing improves skin tone and circulation and makes their coat healthier and more attractive. Long-haired pets should be brushed out properly at least once a week. Matted hair can easily cause skin problems and discomfort for your pet and will often mean that eventually a vet or professional groomer will need to completely remove your pet’s coat by shaving.

Should my cat be groomed?

Long-haired cats need combing occasionally to prevent matted fur. Some cats also need bathing at times, if they are not capable of achieving the neatness that is usually attributed to cats. This is most common in older cats. Check to see if your groomer provides this service for cats.

When should you start grooming?

The earlier in life you start regular grooming routines for your pet, the better, as it will help them adjust and enjoy the process. That means if they eventually do need to visit the local grooming salon for a clip, they will be able to relax and know what to expect.



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