Poised to help businesses reach potential

Published 1:00pm 28 March 2023

Words by Kylie Knight

The team at Certifi International is excited at what the future holds for the Moreton Bay Region and is keen to help businesses achieve internationally recognised certification in quality, safety, environment, cyber security and the NDIS.

The Brendale-based business was founded by Managing Director and owner Bobby Bhardwaj in 2016 and offers auditing services which are human-centric.

“We audit and assess companies against international standards and on successful completion issue certification.” Bobby says.

They are: ISO9001 for quality, ISO14001 for environment, ISO45001 for safety management, and ISO27001 for cyber security.

The company is also a NDIS approved quality auditor.

“Any individual, partnership or organisation that want to gain access to NDIS funds and provide support to people with a disability, it’s legislated that they have to go get a quality audit to make sure they meet the policies and procedures and the quality indicators of the NDIS Practice Standards. Those standards came into effect in 2018,” Bobby explains.

The long-time Warner resident, who was keen to live and work in the region, could see the potential it had for his business.

“It was really work where you live to start off with. COVID was interesting because we saw a lot of organisations move out of the city and then all of a sudden in Brendale there were coffee shops and breweries sprouting. We just noticed this vibe,” Bobby says.

“We were on the precipice of something, something was happening here that we can’t put our finger on. Then all the announcements for the Olympics started coming through.”


He and Client Services Manager Jenny Russell have aligned with Queensland Major Contractors Association (QMCA) to better connect with the sector and have an understanding of what’s happening in preparation for the 2032 Olympics.

“There’s work being undertaken in tender packages that are now being put to market,” Jenny explains.

They want to help businesses involved in the process, particularly in the Moreton Bay Region.

“A lot of our clients are in the construction sector. A lot of our clients require certification as a means to meet the requirements of the tender. We just started tapping into all of this,” Bobby says.

“As soon as we engage with a client, I can just jump in the car and go and say, ‘welcome aboard’ and shake their hand and put a name to a face.

|“We can provide that personal experience which you don’t seem to get with certification bodies and auditors … just to show that we’re human, just to show that we’re engaged in the area.”|

Bobby says it is a point of difference.

“After every single point of contact, every time our auditor leaves their premises, we’ll follow up in a couple of weeks to say, ‘what worked, what didn’t work’ and really try to engage with the client. It’s more so locally because we can take them out for a coffee, we can go to their premises and learn a bit more about what they do,” he says.

Going above and beyond

Bobby’s passionate about finding out the context of what the business does.

“Yes, they have to be compliant and there are certain things they have to do to keep that compliance up but also when we’re giving them a non-conformance or identifying a gap in their system, what are the practical implications of that, how does that affect that business?,” he explains.

“You’re not going to know that just by looking at a report.”

This approach enables Certifi International to not just identify gaps in compliance but lead businesses to solutions.

“In that respect, we’re unique in the market,” Bobby says.

Jenny explains further …

|“We talk to our clients about journey management. We want to be part of their certification journey. We want to be there when they make the decision to become certified, if they’re not already, we want to see them succeed in certification and get to celebrate that with them,” she says.|

“We have some clients who might not have been through auditing practices in the past, so it can be foreign to them. I think it’s definitely been appreciated.”

Jenny has attended Moreton Bay Regional Council Advanced Manufacturing Networking events and is keen for businesses in the sector to be aware Certifi International is based in the Moreton Bay Region.

“We’re local, we’re definitely happy to come and meet with you. We sit between white and blue collar – we can speak to a board of directors, workshop staff. We want businesses to be aware that we’re approachable. Typically auditing isn’t considered to be fun, however we want to be engaged with our clients and for them to realise we’re human-centric first and this excites us.” she says.

They are excited to be part of #teammoretonbay.

“We’re very proud of what’s going to happen in Moreton Bay and we want to get people excited about what’s happening in Moreton Bay. We can help,” Bobby says.

To find out more, head to the www.certifii.com.au, phone 1300 971 044 or email [email protected]


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