Drivers warned of "visible police presence"

Published 5:00am 19 March 2024

Drivers warned of "visible police presence"
Words by Nick Crockford

Motorists have been told Moreton District police will be out in force during the Easter holidays ensuring road safety and enforcing road rules.

Sergeant Sarah Grayson said there would be a “visible police presence” with a “focus on the Fatal 5 – speeding, drink/drug driving, seatbelts, mobile phone/distractions and driving tired”. 

Police will also focus on “non-complying (defective) vehicles".

“All available police will be undertaking traffic enforcement duties,” Sgt Grayson said.

“There will be highly-visible patrols as well as police working in unmarked cars undertaking traffic enforcement.

“There will be a strong focus on roadside breath and drug testing as well as speed enforcement.

“Remember, if you are driving on the beach at Bribie Island and in forestry areas, all road rules apply and will be enforced."

Police will be using speed camera detections, ANPR technology and council traffic monitoring cameras.

Drivers warned of "visible police presence"

The volume of traffic will, as usual in holiday periods, increase with a significant rise in towing camper trailers, caravans, jet skis … and impatience.

Sgt Grayson said basic tips to stay safe include:

  • Plan your trip, be patient - expect delays with the high volume of traffic on roads
  • Plan on leaving earlier than normal, share the driving
  • Take responsibility for your driving - Obey the road rules and drive to the conditions
  • Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy
  • Don’t overload your car, trailer, or caravan
  • Allow extra time for road works or accidents that might cause delays.
  • Allow extra time for changes in weather conditions that might impact road conditions.
  • Familiarise yourself with the route you are taking in case of sudden road closures and the need to take an alternative

“Remember – road safety starts with you,” Sgt Grayson said. “If we all adapt this attitude and do our bit to keep safe on the roadways.

“Stay alert - watch out for the Easter Bunny and any other animals or unexpected. It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is fit for purpose and road worthy.”


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