Pumicestone Candidates: QLD State Election 2020

Posted: 3pm 14 Oct 2020

Moreton Daily invited candidates in the State Election to answer the same questions and provide a photo. Their responses are listed below in the same order their names will appear on the ballot paper. Some responses have been edited to ensure all are a similar length, and candidates receive fair and even treatment.

Name: Ryan Dryden

Party: legalise cannabis Queensland

Suburb: Ningi

Profession: nightly paper distribution

Top 3 issues to address:

1. Moratorium on cannabis arrests

2. Cheaper access to medical cannabis

3. Remove red tape from hemp

Top 3 key commitments:

1. Doing the very best I can for my local community as their representative

2. Constantly upskilling so I am able to give the best representation possible.

3. Being honest and remaining a real member of my community and never forgetting where I come from.

Name: Ali King

Party: Australian Labor Party

Suburb: Bellara

Profession: Former small business owner and policy advisor

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. More healthcare closer to home
  2. local job-creating infrastructure
  3. Supporting small business as part of Labor’s economic recovery plan.

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. $35 million Community Satellite Hospitals in Bribie Island and Caboolture
  2. Air Conditioning and Solar Panels for every State School
  3. $21 million road upgrades including Bribie Island Road and Beachmere Road

Name: Dr Steven Newberry

Party: Clive Palmers United Australia Party

Suburb: Pumicestone

Profession: CEO Spring Sciences Australia - Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Co

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. Small Business and jobs
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Community health and policing

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. To grow business investment and industry in the electorate by funding construction of Bribie Island Road and Beachmere upgrades along with a new bridge to Bribie Island
  2. Fund upgrade of 24hr on-island emergency services including full funding for the Marine Rescue Bribie
  3. Seek 100 per cent rebate on electricity, water and gas for +70s

Name: Fiona Gaske

Party: Liberal National Party

Suburb: Banksia Beach

Profession: Speech Pathologist

Top 3 issues to address:

Rising crime in our community and tackling hooning, accessibility to healthcare with an emphasis on after-hours care and upgrading our road infrastructure to get locals home sooner and safer

Top 3 key commitments:

1. $20m towards upgrading Bribie Island Road, including a $3m commitment towards detailed planning for a new Bribie Island Bridge

2. $7m to upgrading Beachmere Road, including widening at pinch points to improve road safety

3. Putting money back in your pockets with a $300 rego rebate for car owners, supporting local families and growing our economy.

Name: Richard Ogden

Party: Greens

Suburb: Bongaree

Profession: Freelance Communication Professional

Top 3 issues to address:

1. With worldwide recognition that our wildlife is irreplaceable (just ask Sir David Attenborough) we must protect Pumicestone's unique natural heritage for the future. If we don't, we'll lose it forever.

2. We can achieve huge community benefits and productivity improvements from making buses and trains free, reducing congestion overnight, and saving billions in the long term. This is fully costed, and would make us a world leader.

3. A third of Queensland households are struggling to pay their rents or mortgages. Let's create a construction boom in this sector by building more social housing, and address the waiting list, currently growing by 7000 people a year.

Top 3 commitments:

We will stop the damage to beaches and woodlands and push for wiser development decisions. We will implement proper management plans for national parks, increase the number of indigenous rangers, and encourage eco-discovery tourism, to value and protect these special places for future generations.

We'll create 20,000 jobs a year state wide building 100,000 public homes over four years. Queenslanders need jobs and homes, and we'll make big banks and huge mining corporations pay their fair share to cover the costs.

We will make public transport completely free throughout Queensland. This fully costed policy will save $800 million in four years on expensive ticketing and compliance measures. The additional cost will be covered by our levy on the big banks, and from developers paying realistic tax.

Name: Ross Konowalenko

Party: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Electorate: Pumicestone

Profession: Criminal Justice Professional

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. Voice for over 55s for their specific medical, employment and community needs
  2. Strong voice in parliament to ensure government is transparent in all its dealings
  3. Address the drastic increase in crime that has occurred under the watch of the current government

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. That candidates are held to account on campaign promises made e.g. extra medical staff, satellite hospitals, job creation etc are fulfilled without cost to retirees, families and businesses. That a senior’s specific hospital complex be established in the Moreton area equivalent to that of the Children’s Hospitals.
  2. To call the government to task where members push the boundaries short of outright criminal behaviour. As parliamentarians have a critical leadership role, all actions are transparent to pass ‘the pub test’ e.g. holding an election without a budget then claiming all election promises ‘have been costed.’
  3. With some crimes increasing by 30%, domestic violence by 59% under the watch of the current government demonstrates their policies are not working. One Nation has 10-point plans for both the ‘Law and Order’ and Juvenile Justice’ policies to address this issue.



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