Q&A: Redcliffe Dolphins’ Hostplus Cup Head Coach Scott Murray

Published 4:47pm 21 September 2022

Q&A: Redcliffe Dolphins’ Hostplus Cup Head Coach Scott Murray
Words by Kylie Knight

Before this morning’s QRL press conference, Moreton Daily sat down with Redcliffe Dolphins Hostplus Cup Head Coach Scott Murray to reflect on the season and the opportunity this weekend’s Grand Final offers his team. Here’s what he had to say

This has been your first season as Hostplus Cup Head Coach, how would you sum it up?

“It’s been a hell of a journey. You talk about dreams and aspirations, playing here in a Grand Final Day was certainly one of those. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to surround myself with some really good people within the club and within the staff, but most importantly they’re just wonderful players. It’s a special group and I’ve really enjoyed working with men and challenging them to be better. It’s been a great ride.”

What are you most proud of?

“Probably the development of the players, not only just as footy players but as independent young men that are really proud to be working together. Often it’s about really buying into what we’re doing as a team and as a club. It’s not always about ‘me’, it’s about ‘we’. I think they’ve been able to really grasp that. I’m incredibly proud of the way they’ve done that.”

What’s the feeling among the squad ahead of Saturday’s Grand Final?

“It’s excitement, which is what we want. We’ve spoken about enjoying the week. They’re a relaxed bunch. We really enjoy each other’s company and look forward to training. I’ve always said, we want it to be the highlight of their day and we’re hoping that’s the way it is for them. We just really enjoy having fun together and we’re excited by what the weekend offers.”

How does the rest of the week look for you?

“We’ll build up intensity tonight. We’ve got a session and that’s our main block of work on the Wednesday and that’s the way it’s always been. We’re certainly won’t go overboard, we’re trying to shorten the sessions up to keep them nice and fresh towards the back end of the year we just keep them ticking along and doing what we do. That’s been the key.”

Is there a sense of history, the chance to make some history on the weekend?

“It’s there for us, that opportunity is there and it’s not necessarily something we’ve spoken about … we had a really good run of 11 or 12 (wins) straight and people were telling me and the group that hasn’t been done before. That’s fantastic. We acknowledge the fact that this is a pretty special year for the club. It means a hell of a lot to the Redcliffe Dolphins and obviously with the NRL Dolphins coming into effect next year, it’s an exciting time and I think that’s also added to the excitement of the weekend with the Grand Final. All of a sudden, if people didn’t know about the Dolphins, they do now.”

What does the side need to do to beat Norths?

“We need to be at our best. We weren’t necessarily there last weekend, I didn’t think. There were parts of the game when we certainly were, but the start of the game wasn’t where we needed to be … probably that whole first half. That’s certainly an area that we need to get better at. It’s a good challenge. We’re pretty comfortable with the way we play the game and what our strengths are and our game model, so we don’t need to get too far out of that. Just do all the little things really well.”

Is this weekend a demonstration of the depth at the club with Colts and Hostplus contesting Grand Finals?

“With the junior development, and there’s a lot of people responsible for that … that’s the key. There’s a lot of good people who have worked really, really hard behind the scenes that have contributed to the Colts and also the Cup sides being here on Grand Final day. There’s always been good, young kids coming through the system here and that’s no different now.

“We’ve been really fortunate and grateful for our relationship with the Warriors who have finished now, but there’s quite a number of players whether that be in the Colts team or in the Cup team that are here playing as part of the Redcliffe Dolphins who are making a big difference. I think that’s been a successful affiliation for both organisations.

“Our pathways and junior development, when the NRL Dolphins first came into effect and they got the nod, Wayne (Bennett) and Terry (Reader) as CEO identified we needed to get our pathway system right. With Kurt Richards coming onboard and doing a great job of getting that sorted straight away, that’s going to be effective moving forward for sure.”

Q&A: Redcliffe Dolphins’ Hostplus Cup Head Coach Scott Murray
A moment during the 2022 Grand Final.

Five players having the opportunity to show what they can do in preseason for NRL, how excited are you for them?

“That’s awesome. That’s what we want to have, is our players progressing through to the NRL. Hopefully with a really good performance on the weekend, there may be some more. They deserve that. I remember when we first notified the players as group, (we said) the group had contributed so much to that. Obviously, they’ve had fantastic seasons, but the group has been a real standout.”

Are there any others the NRL team should be looking at?

“I think someone like Lachlan Timm has got the ability to do that … there’s a couple more there that have the ability and can certainly play well at that level. Sometimes it’s about getting the opportunity.”

Is there a feeling generally that now is a good time to be a Dolphin?

“There’s that sense … it’s always a great year to be a Dolphin … there’s a next-level excitement around. The community and the peninsula are passionate rugby league people, they love sport, they love rugby league and they love their Dolphins. The area, I feel, was ready for the next step which all builds up into the excitement, but for us our next step is a Grand Final on the weekend.”


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