Rising star to shine on stage

Published 6:00am 29 June 2024

Rising star to shine on stage
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

One of Caboolture’s most promising young artists will take to the stage at this year’s Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival after being named in the packed setlist.

Included in the unmissable line-up is singer-songwriter Cassi Marie, who will join more than 40 talented artists at the festival when it returns to Apex Park at Woody Point from August 23-25.

Cassi has been a rising star in the music industry since she first started writing and recording songs at the age of nine.

Now 22, she has penned thousands of original songs and lyrics, has several EPs under her belt, and is working towards releasing her debut album.

“Music has always been a big part of my life because I knew from a young age I wanted to be a singer-songwriter,” Cassi says.

“I released a couple of EPS when I was younger and then another one when I was 17.

“Since then, I have released four singles titled Keep Me Safe, Walls, Burn and Starving Heart.

“Last year I released my new single called Long Way Down.

“I am hoping for a couple of new singles this year and then hopefully sometime next year I would love to work on my debut album.”

When writing her own lyrics, Cassi says she finds inspiration all around her.

“I’m the kind of person that really loves to tell a story with my lyrics, which as a songwriter, is really important to me,” Cassi says.

“I take inspiration from various places, whether it be things happening in my own life, how I am feeling at a particular time, books I am reading, or tv shows and movies I am watching.

“They inspire me to then make up my own stories and create my own unique characters that I then turn into songs.

“I hope to sing some of these new songs at the festival.”

In addition to singing her own songs on stage, Cassi also likes to perform cover songs by her favourite artists.

“I have always loved artists like Missy Higgins, Kasey Chambers and Taylor Swift, just to name a few,” Cassi says.

“I was a big Swiftie growing up because I love the way Taylor writes her own songs and puts herself into her lyrics and storytelling, which is what I do.

“I have a couple of favourite songs that I perform at every gig. These are Dreams by Fleetwood Mac - which is one of my all-time favourite songs - as well as Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks and The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.

“I listened to The Middle a lot when I was growing up and then when I was a little older, I realised how uplifting the lyrics were.

“I love performing it because it’s not a song people expect me to sing, so they are always a little bit surprised to hear it.”

This will be Cassi’s fourth time singing at the festival, which she says is one of her favourite gigs.

“It’s so nice to go to an amazing event like this where people can enjoy three days of live music while also trying lots of great food and wine,” Cassi says.

“I love how there are different areas and stages with artists performing all day, so no matter what you’re in the mood for you will find somewhere you can sit, relax, and enjoy some great music.

“I personally love getting up there and sharing my music with the crowd and then chatting with everyone afterwards because there are always lots of locals watching.

“But another reason I love this festival is because I am a big foodie who loves to cook and bake.

“When I am not performing, I am wandering around the festival with my family and partner watching the celebrity chefs do their cooking demonstrations and trying all the different dishes.”

Where to see Cassi 

You can catch Cassi live on stage at The Brews on Bramble when she performs on Saturday, August 24 from 12pm-1.15pm and again on Sunday, August 25 from 10.45am-11.45am.


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