Roadworks: Henry Road full closure

Published 7:56am 16 December 2022

Roadworks: Henry Road full closure
Words by Kylie Knight
Caption: Federal Member for Petrie Luke Howarth with Deputy Mayor Jodie Shipway at the intersection when the project was announced.

To accelerate works on the Henry Road and Dohles Rocks Road reconstruction project, Council will close Henry Rd at Griffin for five weeks over Christmas, from December 17 to January 20.

So far, construction hours on the project have been limited to off-peak periods which has created delays for crews and disrupted local traffic. Bad weather has also hampered progress, forcing near-complete sections to be re-done.

Mayor Peter Flannery says a full closure of the road for five weeks will allow crews to get the work done with minimal disruption for locals.

“I apologise from the outset and recognise that this will cause disruption for locals over Christmas, but it’s a short-term pain for a long-term gain,” he says.

“The process of reconstructing and widening an existing road, as well as installing traffic signals and also increasing road height for increased flood immunity is complicated - but the current approach is just taking too long.

“A complete closure for five weeks over Christmas will enable us to have crews on the job up to seven days a week, to keep pushing through until that section is done so that we can reopen Henry Rd in time for the return of school.

“I want to assure locals that the application for this closure has been lengthy, intricate, and considered in conjunction with emergency services and also service providers.

“This will ensure there’s no disruption to your waste collection and guarantee emergency services are aware of this temporary change so they know to take the alternate route.”

What this means

Henry Rd will be closed from December 17 to January 20. Surrounding roadworks will continue in the area after Henry Rd is reopened.

Deputy Mayor Jodie Shipway (Div 4) says while Henry Rd will be closed, Dohles Rocks Rd will remain open.

“While Henry Rd is closed, we will create a detour via McClintock Drive and we will make every effort to reduce the impacts of the work including noise during this period,” she says.

“This was a tough decision but on balance we decided it was better to just get in and get this job done properly in one hit as soon as school holidays started, to minimise disruption for local families and workers”.

“Christmas is the right time to get this done because there’s no school commute, there are fewer cars on local roads, and reduced commuter traffic to work”.

“If the weather does the right thing by us, as forecast, then this approach will save months of ongoing disruptions for locals.”

“Works on the broader project will continue after the reopening of Henry Road but the critical thing is that Henry Road will be open before school returns, which is a Christmas gift we can all look forward to in the new year.

“I think residents have tolerated the project delays and disruptions to their commute long enough, I’m certainly looking forward to it being finished as soon as possible.

“So, I apologise for this full road closure, but I think the five weeks of pain is much better than the months it would take to try completing this major project in an ad hoc fashion.

“I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding that we’re trying to make this work with minimal disruption for you.”

Note: The reopening of Henry Rd will not be the completion of this project, works will then start on the Dohles Rocks Rd section which will have an impact on motorists after Henry Rd opens.

Works involved:

1. Removal of existing temporary roads

2. Earthworks and installation of multicell culverts

3. Road pavement and surfacing

4. Street lighting


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