See Anaid at Rockin 4 the Homeless

Published 10:00am 1 November 2022

See Anaid at Rockin 4 the Homeless
Words by Kylie Knight
Photo credit: Cassidy McMahon

Indie rock firecracker Diana Anaid will make her third appearance at Rockin’ 4 the Homeless on Saturday, November 5, and she’s primed for a big show.

It’s a cause close to her heart.

“I was homeless as a child,” Anaid recalls.

It wasn’t until she arrived in Nimbin, northern New South Wales, that she says people took her into their hearts and homes.

Her father was also homeless in a number of states across Australia, sleeping in parks.

The 46-year-old, who burst onto the music scene in 1997 with the No.1 alternative hit I Go Off, is keen to make a difference … any way she can.

Anaid says playing at this year’s Rockin 4 the Homeless gig at Thirsty Chiefs Brewing, North Lakes, is a way to do just that.

It’s also a fun afternoon or evening out for musos and music fans.

“I love that you can go out for a night of music and know your money is going to something good. You just feel better about where your money is going,” she says.

“You’re freeing two birds with the one key, as my son would say.”

She is still based in Nimbin and says the tranquil surroundings are ideal for song writing, which is occupying most of her time at present,

“I’ve been working on new songs. I thought I might try out a couple of them (at Rockin’ 4 the Homeless), but I don’t think I will until I’m more comfortable with them,” Anaid says.

“But I never rule anything out. I’m working on them every night, by Saturday I might have to sing one. (R4TH Director) Dan Nebe is one of my best buddies. He’d love me to sing a new song.”

See Anaid at Rockin 4 the Homeless

Ready to rock

So, what is she looking forward to about the show?

“I’m just going to enjoy getting the guitar back on. I love being on stage and singing out those melodies and seeing if it touches someone out in the crowd,” Anaid says.

There haven’t been many opportunities to perform in recent years due to COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions.

She’s excited about the show and not sure if her performance will be packed with angsty pop or an introspective vibe, or a little of both.

“I’d probably say a little of both,” she says.

“As I’m getting older, I’m getting into the songs and what they’re about.”

She hopes music lovers and supporters of The Breakfast Club of Redcliffe will make the event a massive success.

About Rockin’ 4 the Homeless

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19, Rockin’ 4 the Homeless is rebooting with an ‘entrée’ event this year, followed by the whole shebang in 2023.

It’s on November 5 at Thirsty Chiefs North Lakes.

The line-up includes Bob Spencer (formerly from The Angels/Rose Tattoo and Skyhooks), Diana Anaid, Team Utopia, Elba Lane, Black Whiskey, Tripsitta, Rhino, Levi X, and Northside Soul Sisters Choir.

There will be raffles and auctions as well as food vans.

All money from ticket sales will to The Breakfast Club of Redcliffe, which is raising money to buy a Sleep Bus.

With only 300 tickets available, the event is expected to sell out fast.

Doors open at 1pm, with an open mic from 2-4pm.

For more information, visit the Facebook page


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