Site unveiled for region's new Mini Farm

Published 5:00am 13 October 2022

Site unveiled for region's new Mini Farm
Words by Nick Crockford

A new Mini Farm has been officially launched in Wamuran – the third of four charity farms growing food for people in need.

Wamuran Mini Farm Project will start next year on a one-acre site donated by Mandy and Adrian Schultz at Luvaberry, pictured above.

The land will be converted into a charity farm and run, in partnership with Rotary Caboolture, which will connect with the community and raise funds.

Wamuran joins sites at Millen Farm, Samford and Loganlea State High School. Barns Lane Farm, Coolum will take the tally to four late next year.

Site unveiled for region's new Mini Farm

Proud of project

“We are really proud to be part of this project," Mandy said. "I think it is important we all work together as a community to make a difference to other people."

More than 1000 people are said to be sleeping rough in Caboolture and Food Bank estimates 1.2 million children and 1.6 million adults in Australia went hungry in 2021.

“Our farms work like a platform where businesses and individuals can make a direct impact in their community and share with customers or followers,” Mini Farm founder Nick Steiner said.

“Sponsoring one of the charity farm beds is how we fund our farms and start the process of feeding people in each community. We're working to resolve food insecurity on a local level.

Site unveiled for region's new Mini Farm

Farm network

“By creating a network of charity farms throughout Queensland we hope to eradicate hunger by providing free fruit, vegetables, herbs, wild edibles, fish and chicken eggs to charities.

“Businesses that access our platform and sponsor a bed are the ones that are providing the opportunity to grow food each week.

“They are making the impact and providing free food to local charities to create urgently needed meals. We are merely the facilitator.”

Eight of the 230 beds needed at the LuvaBerry site are funded and the search is on for more businesses and individuals to sponsor a bed.

The Mini Farm Project was started in 2014 by Nick Steiner, a Moreton Bay Region resident, in his back yard providing free produce to Caboolture Community Action.

Daily hunger

“I saw a lot of people still going hungry each day and it was important to ensure people in a position of need were receiving good quality and nutritious food” he said.

The first Mini Farm in Samford has been operating for two years and supporting Meals on Wheels Moreton Bay with fresh free produce each week.

Loganlea State High School’s farm is currently being developed and will be a template for all school-based charity farms in Queensland.

For more information and sponsor a bed click here

Latest updates are on The Mini Farm Project's Facebook page


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