Sneak peek at Queensland’s second Gold’s Gym

Published 3:56pm 19 January 2022

Sneak peek at Queensland’s second Gold’s Gym
Words by Kylie Knight

Gold’s Gym at Kippa-Ring will open its doors at 9am tomorrow, with the latest equipment and a diverse program with fitness options for everyone.

Australian Chief Operating Officer Glen Farrow gave Moreton Daily a guided tour this morning as staff and contractors were adding the finishing touches.

Glen says many people did not understand what the gym was going to offer when it was announced as the new tenant last year, but it will be a ‘phenomenal addition’ to Kippa-Ring Shopping Centre.

The former Target site is unrecognisable.

Just in from the striking entrance is a merchandise store and Raw Energy café, which can be accessed by members and non-members.

Raw Energy’s Ben Shepherd said it was much more than a café on the side of a gym, with a good, nutritious dine-in menu, takeaway meals, ready-made products for sale, plus juices, smoothies and espresso coffee.

There are two full-time chefs on site who have created a full menu including all-day breakfast, healthy burgers and energy bowls.

Glen is excited and says it integrates perfectly with the gym and will be a welcome foodie addition to the centre.

Another helpful integration is the creche, which will be open from 8-11.30am, Monday to Saturday. Contact reception for bookings.

Glen says the creche will enable mums and dads to train while knowing their children are being well cared for, and they can even have a bite to eat as a family while they’re there.

“It’s a club – facility is the wrong term for it because once people are in there it will truly be a club,” he says.

Proud history

The new gym pays homage to the Gold’s Gym history, with nods to the past throughout including old photos and a timeline.

It was founded by Joe Gold in 1965 and was the gym of choice for body builders back in the day including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There is a quote from him on the wall: “When I came here, I had no money. Joe let me train in his studio anyway, for free”.

The gym has evolved since then and caters to the needs of members at all stages of their fitness journey.

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Standout features

The gym has stunning locker room facilities for members including hair straighteners and blow dryers in the women’s locker room to make it easy to work out before work and get ready for the day.

The classroom is a 200sqm space for group training, which can cater for up to 40 bookings, offering a diverse timetable of classes.

“It’s a unique training environment that hasn’t been seen anywhere else,” Glen says.

There’s touches of gold on the gym floor with German-made world-class equipment by Gym80 which has an oxidised gold finish.

Glen says the machines are engineered to provide an extraordinary range of movement and is ‘arguably the best equipment in the world’. There’s a selection of plate and pin machines to choose from.

There’s a huge range of free weights, with a choice of weight bench styles - flat, incline and decline.

There is even a dumbbell bench spotter, vertical leg press and pendulum squat machine.

Glen says equipment has been strategically positioned to enable members to work out with confidence.

A mirrored posing room has been created for those who like to take selfies at the gym or serious athletes who are keen to monitor muscle definition.

In the cardio section, there’s the latest in equipment from Italian supplier Technogym including treadmills, bikes and rowing machines.

The cycle room has space for 24 members, plus two instructors delivering a unique Gold’s Gym program.

The muscle park at the side of gym is a pseudo-outdoor area with large roller door, which will be opened during training.

Glen says this is his favourite ‘room’ because it is inspired by the large outdoor area in the California Gold’s Gym and is a ‘fitness playground’.

It is home to skill mills, assault bikes, rowers, ropes, sleds and more. It even has a ‘knocked around’ wall just like the one at Venice Beach.

Glen says there is something for all members, with a broad range of fitness options and classes available.

There’s even a CrowdDJ ‘jukebox’ which has a Gold’s Gym-curated playlist but allows members to queue a song for their workout.

The gym has themed inspirational messages for members at every stage of their fitness journey.

“We want to show people that they’re stronger than they know,” Glen explains.

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you end up.”

About 800 members have already signed up and interest is expected to surge after the gym opens.

Gold’s Gym has also recently launched its podcast Good as Gold’s featuring experienced coaches Callum O’Shea and Emily Heazelwood, which is available on all podcasting platforms including Spotify and Google Play.

To find out more, visit the website


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