Suncorp Stadium locked in, tickets on sale, car giveaway, Dolphins ready for 2023

Published 12:33pm 15 September 2022

Suncorp Stadium locked in, tickets on sale, car giveaway, Dolphins ready for 2023
Words by Kylie Knight

The Dolphins have locked in seven games at Suncorp Stadium next year as they open season ticket sales to the public for their 2023 entry to the NRL and announce they are giving away a car thanks to Village Motors.

Dolphins’ chief executive Terry Reader joined his Suncorp Stadium counterpart Alan Graham today to confirm the deal to play the majority of their home games at the spiritual home of Queensland rugby league.

It is expected the seven games will include their debut match against an opposition team to be named when the NRL draw is released in the next couple of months, as well as Queensland derbies against the Broncos, Cowboys and Titans.

With just 50 days until the Dolphins start their inaugural pre-season in the first week of November, Reader said preparations were going into overdrive.

“This is a huge day for the Dolphins,” Reader said.

“We are confirmed as playing the majority of our home matches at the best rugby league ground in the world.

“And for the first time today, the general public can purchase season tickets that include our seven matches at Suncorp Stadium and the three home games set down for Moreton Daily Stadium at Redcliffe.

“Already this week we have seen our foundation members purchase thousands of season tickets in our pre-sale window, so it is clear the appetite for a second team in the Brisbane market to represent southern Queensland is strong.

“We welcome aboard all those rugby league fans who are keen to come along on the ride with Head Coach Wayne Bennett and Queensland’s newest professional sports team.”

Suncorp Stadium locked in, tickets on sale, car giveaway, Dolphins ready for 2023

Warm welcome from Suncorp Stadium

Suncorp Stadium CEO Alan Graham said he was delighted to welcome the Dolphins to the venue.

“Terry and I have worked together for a long period of time and you’ve got to admire what he’s done and what the Dolphins have done in terms of getting this franchise up so quickly,” he said.

“We’re absolutely over the moon that they’re going to be an anchor tenant here. We think there’s enough appetite in the rugby league community to support two clubs in Brisbane and we think the Dolphins are going to generate a lot of support here.

“From a stadium point of view, we’re taking this extremely seriously. We’re actually putting on additional staff who will be devoted purely to the Dolphins to give them the sort of service that they need.

“We’re looking forward to working with them over the coming months and obviously looking forward to the very first game.”

Suncorp Stadium locked in, tickets on sale, car giveaway, Dolphins ready for 2023

Creating a moment in history

Reader says the goal is to make sure Suncorp Stadium is packed for that first NRL game and he hoped it would be against Arthur Beetson’s former NRL Club, the Sydney Roosters.

“That is our goal. The one thing with the draw is that it is a very complex beast. We’ve been really upfront with the NRL and also right from our pitch (for a licence) and we’d love to play our opening game here against the Roosters to honour Arthur Beetson,” he said.

“He wrote in his book that it was his dream before he died to see the Dolphins play the Roosters in the NRL and we can’t wait to hopefully bring that to life for his family and honour him with that game.”

He said the Roosters were also keen to see it happen.

Suncorp Stadium locked in, tickets on sale, car giveaway, Dolphins ready for 2023

Incentive to become a member

One Dolphins NRL ticket holder will also never forget the new team’s first season, with a new Haval Jolion car from motor vehicle partner Village Motors being offered as a membership prize.

All those who join as a ticketed season member before December 1 will go into the draw for the new car.

Seven-game tickets for use at every Dolphins’ home game at Suncorp Stadium can be purchased from $105, with a family of four able to attend those seven matches for a total cost of $270.

Ten-game tickets that cover the matches at both Suncorp Stadium and Moreton Daily Stadium are available from $325 per adult.

Head to the website for details.

Squad progress

With less than 50 days until preseason starts on November 1, Reader remains confident the club’s first NRL squad is shaping up well.

“I think the key to all negotiations is November 1 is a key deadline for that for players off contract. We’re after quality players, we’ve got room in the (salary) cap and we’ll see what happens,” he said.

“The player market it quite fluid now the season’s finished and the way you look at it now ... 10 sides joined us on Monday, looking at preseason 2023 and getting ready for the next season after their ’22 season finished.

“There’s a lot of conversations going, a lot of people have made some commitments to us and we’ve got to work out some of the finer detail, but we’re very happy with how the squad’s coming together for ’23.

“As we’ve always talked about, it’s not all about ’23. We’re building a club for the future and what’s underneath is just as important as what’s above.

“No club has to have all 30 signed by November 1. We’re quite comfortable where we will be on November 1 and what’s required by the NRL.

“The key thing we’ve learnt about all negotiations is whatever gets in the public domain generally isn’t correct. As far as we’re concerned, we’ll continue doing what we’re doing and when the November 1 deadline rolls around there’s a lot of players coming on the market for the ’24 season … but we’re doing everything we can to build the best squad we can possibly have.”

Is the club expecting a finals berth in first season?

“I don’t think we’re going to set goals. Our biggest goal, if you like, for the year is to be successful both on and off the field and things are shaping up in the right direction for us already,” Reader says.

“We know with Wayne as our coach and the squad we’ve put together that we’ll be competitive and we can’t wait to run out on the field for the first time in March.”

Suncorp Stadium locked in, tickets on sale, car giveaway, Dolphins ready for 2023


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