Suttons Beach Pavilion: Have your say on new design

Published 11:00am 15 March 2023

Suttons Beach Pavilion: Have your say on new design
Words by Kylie Knight

Public consultation on Suttons Beach Pavilion's replacement will begin next week after Moreton Bay Regional Council today narrowed it down to one option.

Today’s decision follows the findings of a structural investigation which were presented at council’s general meeting on March 1.

The investigation found the buildings were beyond repair and would need to be demolished. Council’s CEO was then asked to finalise an analysis report for today’s meeting so councillors could determine the best options to replace the buildings.

The report looked at seven options and recommended two (options five and six) be considered by council and put out to community consultation.

• Option five - Demolish existing complex, build new structure with public amenities, retail/hospitality spaces and ‘roof top’ public space.

• Option six - Demolish existing complex, build new structure with public amenities and retail/hospitality spaces, ground level only.

Other options considered in the assessment report included building a surf lifesaving club; building a new structure with public amenities and prefabricated modules for food and beverage offerings; demolishing the current buildings and installing toilets and playground with provision for food trucks.

During the analysis, options five and six scored highest in the ‘valued services and benefits for community’ column.

The ‘probable order of costs’ was between $6.3m and $13.5, with option five (two storeys) expected to cost more than option six.

Mayor Peter Flannery moved an amendment to today's motion that only option five progress to the next stage, reflecting community consultation which revealed the majority of people wanted a two-level structure at the site.

The amendment was carried unanimously. This means the CEO and council officers will now work on a 'business case' for a two-level structure, finalising design, cost and possible uses. 

Building concepts in today's report were developed to help determine a cost range and are not the final design.

Community consultation on the replacement building façade design for options five will start on Tuesday, March 21 and be open until April 16 . A report and recommendation on a preferred façade design will be presented to Council in mid-2023.

Suttons Beach Pavilion: Have your say on new design
The former Suttons Beach pavilion which had to be demolished

Taking the next step

Mayor Flannery said this was the next step in deciding how council will replace the structure which has a long history with the site and community. 

“I think this puts this facility back in the community’s hands, being able to go there, enjoy an ice cream on a hot day, some fish and chips, some food – maybe some outdoor dining whatever that might be – and take in the beautiful ambience of the place,” he said. 

Mayor Flannery said council would not limit the food options at the site and the business case would make that more clear.

He said he would love to see a not-for-profit organisation operate from the facility, rather than a commercial operator, generating income and teaching youth hospitality skills.

“This is a great opportunity for a reset of this site, to take it away from a commercial operation and put money … back into the community,” Mayor Flannery said.

The rooftop won’t be enclosed but will be covered so people can enjoy it and take in the view.

Cr Karl Winchester praised the options analysis and the approach taken which he believed would strengthen council’s position in seeking funding from other levels of government.

He said the analysis had arrived at a conclusion which mirrored public expectation.

“I really strongly support option five, being the two-level option,” Cr Winchester said. 

Cr Winchester said he would like to see sit-down dining as well as a kiosk/hot food/cold drinks option.

When asked about flooding considerations, a council officer said the design would mitigate potential tidal flooding risks. It will be built at a higher level even though the current building sits above current flood levels.

It will also be moved further forward away from the cliff to avoid further water ingress issues. She said the cliff stairs would be restored and the buildings' original bricks will be salvaged and used in the new structure where practical.

Suttons Beach Pavilion: Have your say on new design

Call for art deco design

Suttons Beach Pavilions Preservation Group (SBPPG) President Jodie Starr praised Council for getting the community’s input before proceeding.

“This is the final and probably most important hurdle in a long journey, so it’s critical that the views of locals are heard and acted upon in order for Council to get this decision right,” she said.

“We are continuing to provide input to the Council in relation to the types of options for food and drink, and we would like to see a dine-in restaurant or bar as one of those options. It’s early days in the design phase so we are still pushing for this to be included in the design criteria.

“SBPPG appreciates that there will be a range of views within the community, but we remain strongly committed to the principle that a replacement structure should be of an art deco design and aesthetic.

“We accept that we can’t save this historical and beautiful old building, but we think it would be a mistake not to celebrate Redcliffe’s heritage and uniqueness by embracing an art deco design.

“That look is in keeping with the style of other old bathing houses around the peninsula, and it would be an investment in making this part of SEQ look and feel different to other coastal towns."


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