Think2Be making a difference

Published 5:00am 18 September 2023

Think2Be making a difference
Words by Moreton Daily

Driven by a desire to create a better future for himself, his family and community, entrepreneur and Think2Be founder Hilton Misso made a promise to overcome challenges he faced in his teenage years at school.

To achieve this promise, he committed himself to the lifetime study of the dynamics of success in all its dimensions.

As he learned, he applied the dynamics to develop skills, culture, credibility and financial capacity and capability through amazing teams to enable the Think2Be Group to achieve success but also deliver hope inspiration and empowerment for the ‘better future of you, community and connectedness’.

Hilton says his destiny was to always pursue the cause of ‘good for the many with leverage and have impact’.

As his first step into a life of entrepreneurship in the cause of good, Hilton followed his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in law.

He modestly suggests he has achieved success beyond his expectations, but did this based on a commitment in his later years to ‘let go, give and live’.

Hilton has been a committed learner in the areas of psychology and philosophy all his life and says he would have pursued that as a career among his entrepreneurial pursuits, had it not been for his commitment to his parents to be a lawyer.

"The power to think thoughts of your own choosing to manifest your success is key," Hilton says, hence the evolution of the Brand Think2Be.

He is inspired to commit to helping others to ‘Think2Be - Anything They Want2Be’.

Think2Be making a difference

What is Think2Be?

The vision of Hilton and the group is to meet the criteria of four – good, many, leverage and impact – in all its missions and pursuits.

Helping others to succeed and for them, in turn, to help others be inspired and empowered to succeed is the most rewarding of all.

Hilton lives by the adage 'give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime'.

He takes immense pride in his work and his drive to help others become entrepreneurs, business owners, inventors and investors is truly infectious.

Hilton hopes the Think2Be brand can be an example of what hard-work, commitment and dedication can lead to. Together they aim to create pathways for those around them to succeed.

While Hilton has been known in the City of Moreton Bay for his experience and achievements in the area of law, business and community support including many decades of service as Honorary Solicitor for community groups, his support for charities and philanthropic causes has also increased.

He is committed to most if not all community causes in the spirit of “teaching to fish”, such as SchoolAid, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Youth Development program and other similar groups.

Think2Be Group seeks to grow commitment in this respect to another level.

Through an ongoing charitable donations plan, the Group formalises Hilton's philanthropic efforts through the formalised entity of the Think2Be Foundation to make a lasting difference.

“What sets Think2Be apart from other similar groups is its strong connection with the community,” he says.

Developing lasting relationships with the charities Think2Be supports is important to Hilton.

“Their philanthropic goals and contributions are all part of Think2Be's larger mission to inspire, empower, and create positive change on a global scale,” he says.

Think2Be making a difference

Broad vision

Hilton's mission extends beyond his company. He reaches out to individuals, groups, and businesses of all ages, inspiring them to secure their best future through self-improvement, community involvement, and fostering connections.

“The group places particular value on mindfulness and awareness as crucial elements in the journey to a better future - a future that surpasses the past,” he explains.

Hilton believes there is still more to be done. He’s passionate about sharing his experiences and insights with others, so they can learn and prosper as well.

With this in mind, he is focused on establishing a personal development program that draws on his own learnings to help others not only think but achieve their goals and dreams.

“Success in life goes beyond wealth and status. It lies in the intrinsic reward of knowing that we have made a difference,” he says.

While he has made great strides, Hilton is far from finished.

He is encouraging businesses to support charitable causes, highlighting that monetary donations are just one way to get involved.

“Consider volunteering as a team, sponsoring a youth sports team, organising charity drives, or even setting up automatic online donations. Every effort, big or small, can contribute to making a positive impact on our communities,” he says.

Think2Be is forming communities within its group. These include ‘Think2Be Healthy’ and ‘Think2Be - Anything you Want2Be’ and Hilton looks forward to launching these community groups in the near future.

Charity partners

Salt No Limits – Helping children and young people from immigrant families, indigenous backgrounds and low socio-economic backgrounds engage with the broader community and thrive.

SU Australia Ministries – A Christian not-for-profit organisation which helps children, young people and families navigate life’s challenges.

Pyjama Foundation – Through evidence-based literacy and numeracy programs, this program provides children with essential skills, confidence, and opportunities to transform their futures.

The Breakfast Club – Provides more than 1000 meals to people in need every month, as well as practical support and connections.

Chameleon Housing – Has been providing secure and compassionate housing for young people aged 16-25 years and young families on the Redcliffe Peninsula for more than 33 years.

Jack Reed Foundation – Offering free haircuts to the homeless to help them regain a sense of dignity.


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